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October 31, 2005


Last night Sean and Amanda made us dinner. They bought penne noodles and spagetti sauce and garlic bread. Everything went well until we sat down at the table. The sauce had a slight………..odor. OLIVES. Ewwwwwwwwww. They honestly smell like a dirty diaper or worse. Noone could eat it…….’cept Matt. That kid loves just about everything!!!! I looked over at Sean and I could see his crestfallen look, I know he felt bad, felt like he failed. He wanted everything to be perfect. My heart really hurt for him. I said thank you for supper and told him not to worry about the sauce, that he didn’t know that it had olives in it. I mean it really was okay. Just the mere fact that he wanted to do something nice for his family is way better than any gourmet meal from any gourmet chef!!! Thank you Sean for being a good son. Love Mom

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October 26, 2005

Mr B.
Yesterday was a stressful day. I get so stressed whenever we have to go for some test. I’m always secretly paranoid that they’ll tell us that something is horribly wrong with Ryan and there won’t be a cure. Yes, I’m a freak. Get used to it.
We had to take Mr B to the Children’s Hospital for his swallow video test. He had to eat his own food which would have been fine except they have to mix it with Barium (sp?) inorder to do the swallow test and see it on the xray. It turns his food white and tastes like strawberries. Which he hates. Hubby sat with him and fed him while I watched from behind the window. It was hard. He took the first bite and balked….the smell, taste and look of his food was not “normal” to him. He didn’t want to go on with the test. And really, I couldn’t blame him.
The room was dark, he’s sitting beside a big machine, there’s a doctor and about 3 technicians in the room all looking at him and he has to sit very still, all while trying to eat this concoction that USED to be his food. He started to cry. It’s hard watching him do these things…but he usually pulls through in the end and then boom, he’s back to being Mr Smiley.
It took awhile but he did complete what was required of him and then he was fine (it’s amazing how the 3 little words TOY R US make a difference). A little shaken up but fine. He asked to see the video of himself swallowing. So there he was, well his skeleton (which by the way, is a tad creepy to see) swallowing the food. He was kinda proud that none of his friends could say that they saw their skeleton on video. And just in time for Halloween! Go Ryan Go Ryan! Next week is his MRI. Don’t even get me started on that…..
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