Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Can I Get A Word In Here???

October 12, 2005

This is my conversation with Maddy this morning. Well I say conversation loosely because mainly it’s her yapping and me trying to get a word in now and again.

“Mommy, it’s going to be morning soon. Well I know it’s already morning but when the sun comes out really good then it will be MORE morning. Why don’t dogs like cats? Because they think cats smell? Can we pick up Kierra today? Oh wait, no we can’t because she’s still away. Is she gone for only 2 days or a few days? I think she’s been gone for 2 days now but maybe she’ll come back soon?

Yes honey.

Mom, I’m really wondering why dogs and cats can’t get along? I wonder why? Do you know why? I want to ride my bike on the way home today. Can you bring it to school for me? I hope so. My hands are cold. I should have worn my mittens.

Ah huh.

I know, I’ll put my hands in my pockets. They will stay warm then. OMG is that Matt’s bus? It says number 86.

Yes, Matt takes bus 86 but he went on the earlier one.

Oh ok. But that’s still his bus right? Is he at school now? I can’t believe we made it in time to see Matt’s bus. Are we going to be at school in one minute? Or will it take like 2 more minutes? My teacher wasn’t there yesterday. We had another teacher. I forget her name. Mrs. G will be back today. I made her a picture. It’s in my backpack. I know honey. I like to draw. I wrote Kim Possible on it. It’s a picture of Kim Possible. I like Kim Possible. We’re almost at school Mama. I see my school. Ryan used to go to that school. He doesn’t anymore. Is he at his school now?

Yes he is.

Okay, don’t forget my bike Mom. I really want to ride it home. Bring my helmet too. I have to wear it. Bye Mom, see you after school! Don’t forget my bike. I really want to ride it. Alot. Really.

Love you Maddy.

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