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November 29, 2005

The End of An Era.
Well, it with a heavy heart that I tell you this. I might have to stomp on my husband’s ASS. Hear me out. Maddy is 5. She’s a pretty smart 5. Very perceptive. Very “old soul”. But of course she’s still very much a little girl and sometimes doesn’t pronounce a word here and there correctly. She’s been talking since like 18 months old but like any other kid, has her own pronounciation of words or her own take on things. So alot of times, when she comes home from school, she’ll ask me to make her a “girl” cheese sandwich. It’s the cutest darn thing……….well it WAS the cutest darn thing. A couple of days ago, she asks daddy to make her a “girl” cheese. Weeeeeell daddy, says, oh it’s not a girl cheese honey, it’s a grill cheese. WTH? I see him writing it down for her and he hands her the piece of paper and she’s saying, oh ok, grill cheese, grill cheese, grill cheese. I jump up and ask him what he thinks he’s doing? Why is he telling her that? He’s looking at me like I’m on bad crack and I’m sure he’s thinking, OMG she’s clearly……..weird (Ya so what, get over it). I explain that I loved the way she said “girl” cheese and how cute it was and how it was so darn sweet. He says to me, “Well, I don’t want my little girl to go to school and be like 15 and tell people she loves eating girl cheese sandwiches. They’ll think she’s not all there.” Ummmm, okay, I’m pretty sure at 15, she’ll have figured out the difference and NOT still be calling them girl cheese. Like holy. So now she refuses to say it like the way mommy loves it….”I can’t say that mommy, it’s not the correct way to say it.” The correct way? What are you, like 45? Sooooooo, the “girl” cheese era has come to an end I’m afraid. Sigh. Well it was cute while it lasted.
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Maddy and Chance.

First, I must thank Penny for coming to my rescue yesterday….my head feels so much better! I begged her to leave Chance with me….she said, Ummm you have a migraine and I in turn said, Ummmm ya and Chance will keep Maddy occupied so I can have some peace. So see, it all works for everyone. She gets a break, kid free for a couple of hours, Maddy and Chance get to play and I get to blog, post, create, all in peace. Bliss. The kids had a really nice time, got along wonderfully and were both so well behaved (I’m so not kidding, they were angels). They ate their lunch (and ate my homemade cookies and noone vomitted afterwards or had the runs, so there is a slight bit of hope for me, maybe……Hooray, Yipee, Woo freakin’ Hoo.), played Hide N Seek, watched some tv, chased each other, played Barbies, dug through the toybox together, laughed, drew pictures, laughed some more. I told Chance he was so darn cute. His response, was “I know.” Gotta love that. He drew me a picture and gave it to me and said, “Are you happy I made this for you?” I gave him a hug and said, “You made my day.” He beamed. He can come over anytime! Thank you again Penny for saving me and thank you Chance for entertaining Maddy!
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