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The Hospital.

November 5, 2005

Today was Ryan’s MRI. Talk about a bit nerve wracking. Although he was anxious and stressed about it, he still manages a smile…that’s Ryan though. Mr. Smilie. He knew he was going to have to go “to sleep” for the MRI and remembered “the mask” from his dental surgery back in February. We were assured that he would NOT remember that but he did. That kid is sharp let me tell ya! When it was time to put him on the bed and the Dr, who by the way, was a complete and utter ass, was getting ready to put the mask on his face, Ryan freaked. Hubby and I and 2 nurses were trying to get him to lie on the table and he was not having it. He begged me to just let him have some medicine and not the mask. Mom, please, please just listen to me, I promise I’ll do anything. God, how heartbreaking. Finally, the 4 of us adults got the 55lb child to lie on the bed and the Dr put the mask on his face. And boy oh boy he still fought it. He was crying and begging us to stop, help him. Gives me chills to think about it. I know he wasn’t being hurt and it was for his own good inorder to have the MRI but still, it’s hard to see your child like that. And when he, after about 15 seconds (which by the way feels like forever!) goes limp, it’s kinda creepy, weird, unsettling. He was awake about 45 mins later and boy was he ready to leave that place. That’s what he kept telling the nurse….I hate this place and I hate “test-es”…he was quite adamant about that. He was sick the whole way home and looking quite tired. But by days end he was pretty much back up to par. I’m so glad it’s over. And hopefully the results will find nothing abnormal. Poor little man. He’s a trooper though. And smilie. Thank God for that.

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One Response to “The Hospital.”

  1. Well my heart goes out to you guys for going through this stuff. Somehow, like Ryan, you manage to smile through it all….you are very strong and amazing parents and I know Ryan is perevering through these times, with you both being his soft place to land. Keep up the good work, I’m proud of all of you!
    Love Karen

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