Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Woo Hoo..I’ve been tagged!!!

November 9, 2005

A big thank you to Karen for taggin’ me yo’! Let’s get started!!!

7 celebrity crushes:
Chad Kroeger from Nickelback- Holy shit he’s hot when he rocks out.
Brad Pitt-I still kinda like him but after he cheated on his wife, well his hot level dropped. But in a pinch I’d hit it.
Matthew McCaughney-Wow. No description needed.
Vince Vaughn-After I saw him in Wedding Crashers I was like, he’s hot in a normal everyday kinda way. Nice smile. Very funny.
Colin Farrell-He’s a dirty boy. Yum.
Richard Gere-Yes he’s approaching the point where he could almost be my dad but I love his eyes…reminds me of my hubby, very sexy eyes.
Matt Damon-He’s sexy in a boy next door way….man I wish he was next door!

7 Things I’m good at:
Making graphics
Being a mom
Writing? Well some people are telling me that I am, so I will take their word for it!
XXX…can’t say. Hahahahaha.
Being a wife

7 things I plan to do before I die:

See my children grow up to adulthood

Have another photograph published

Have some writing published

Have breast implants…shut up.

Own my own house

Have a credit card…malls here I come…kidding…I need good credit!

Learn to swim…currently, I do a sad, pathetic dog paddle.

7 things I cannot do:

Stop worrying…..I’m a freak. Kinda.

Swim….read above.

Whistle with my fingers….Waaaaaa.

Stop worrying…..see I said I’m a freak.

Fly without getting nausous…thank God for Gravol.

Cook…read Raccoon Meatloaf

Leave my bed unmade…..FREAK.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

Eyes…These are in no particular order BTW.




Ass……well you know that would be on the list somewhere! Hubby’s is hot!

Masculinity….love a man’s man…which my hubby clearly is.


7 things I say often:

Oh My Gawd….all the friggin’ time.

Totally…Totally all the friggin’ time.

Frig….all the friggin’ time.

Shit Monkeys….Karen just loves this one…Riiiiiight.

I love you….to my family and friends.

Are you kidding me?….No I’m clearly not.

No this is NOT Tim Horton’s….Wrong numbers, gotta love them.

Thank you Karen, this was fun!!!!!

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3 Responses to “Woo Hoo..I’ve been tagged!!!”

  1. Oh My Gawd, your husband IS totally frigging hot.

    Love your answers!!!
    Love you too babe!

  2. wow, interesting list! hehe

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