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Fine Dinner Conversation.

November 14, 2005

Yesterday was our family day. Most Sunday’s the 7 of us go out someplace….could be to a park, a picnic, a special event or it could be us renting movies and pigging out or going shopping. The point is we’re all together for most of the day. Anyway, yesterday we went out shopping and later on Sean, Amanda and Maddy had an early supper at McDonalds. So hubby stops at the grocery store to get himself, me and Matt something for our supper. We get home, put grocies away and make supper. The 2 little ones are playing, Sean and Amanda are settling in for the night and Anthony, Matt and I are sitting down at the table, enjoying our supper. We’re chit chatting, about nothing inparticular, when out of the blue Matt says,

“Hey, if you could choose any scent for your poo, what scent would you pick? I’d pick coconut.”

Anthony and I look at each other and are wondering if we should perhaps put Matt in therapy. I’m like, wow, how about we talk about the scratch on the table because the poo topic is not one I usually enjoy while eating. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good poo story, I mean who doesn’t? But talking about poo while I’m eating, just isn’t appealing. Maybe I’m a freak, I dunno. Anyway, so we turn our focus back to Matt and I say,

“Ummmm, well that’s really not what I want to talk about since I’m eating.”

Then Anthony pipes up, “Well come on, let’s answer anyway, can’t hurt.”

Ya, well I’m pretty sure noone’s poo is going to change to a wonderful fragrance such as coconut or flowers or whatever, so what’s the point? But they’re both looking at me now, like I’m the big party pooper…..no pun intended.

Anthony says, “I’d like mine to smell like apples because that’s my favorite scent. Nothing better than the fragrance of an apple orchird.”
That’s great honey. They turn their focus on me again. Waiting. I’m thinking, oh my gawd, I can’t believe we’re actually deciding on what our poo should smell like. It’s poo people, it’s going to smell like shit. Period.

They’re staring now. What kind of question is that anyway? How does Matt come up with this stuff? Well they’ve stopped eating now, waiting on baited breath for my answer. Finally I relent because clearly they’re not going to let me NOT answer this.

“Sweet Pea body spray. That’s what I wish poo smelled like guys.” Can we finish eating now? Geez. You just never know what or where our dinner conversations will go. Welcome to the Nuthouse.

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3 Responses to “Fine Dinner Conversation.”

  1. Sweet Pea or Sweet PEE?


    OMG I laughed so hard…..your kids are totally YOUR kids. You’re all a bunch of weirdos!

  2. Best regards from NY!

  3. What a great site » »

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