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The Air Conditioner.

November 15, 2005

We have an air conditioner. So do alot of other people I’m sure. Big deal. But it was brought to my attention earlier this year, that I’m white trash because of it….not me personally but anyone who owns one. And not by anyone I know but I was reading at a MSN group and this one chick posted that she was upset because her neighbor had just installed an “in the window” type air conditioner. She went on to say how she lives in an upper class community and it’s just unheard of to have an air conditioner in one’s window. All the rage apparently, is central air. Well, la de friggin da.

I’ve had my air conditioner since I was 22 months pregnant with my daughter, Maddy. We lived back east and the humidity was enough to kill a small cow. It was often suffocating in the summer months, sweat pouring down your body even when you were just sitting still and not even barely breathing. It was horrid. Add to that, a child living in your womb, and well, it sucks.

I begged hubby to buy me an air conditioner. He said sure, it would be an early birthday present. I was elated! We found one on sale, had lots of BLT’S, no, wait, BIG’S, nope, BTU’S…something like that. Anyway, we bought that baby and came home and I immediately had my darling man installing it. I loved that thing. How I would stand in front of it and let the cool air wash over my sweaty, get this child out of me, pregnant body. It was pure Heaven!

When we moved out west, we left the humidity behind but still had hot temperatures to contend with during summer months and who wants to sweat while playing online? Sheesh. So we get out our AC every summer, without fail. But I did notice that not many people here having AC’s. Or they are all fancy schmancy and have central air. So after reading this girls post about how anyone with a window AC is definately white trash, it made me think……..OMG am I white trash?

What else constitutes “white trash”? Is my favorite color “shiny”? Well I do like glitter and shiny stuff. We eat CheeseWhiz…is that part of the list? I think it could be. I have used a hot glue gun to hem my pants (I can’t sew) and I’ve often safety-pinned a button back on my shirt because I couldn’t sew it back on. I recyle tissue paper. I reuse water bottles after I’ve drank the bottled water out of them. Doesn’t this make me “crafty” as opposed to white trash-ish? I’m not quite sure. I mean I don’t have central air, but I want to stay cool, so I have to use my window AC.

So I wonder if our neighbors talk about us when our big white AC goes in the window?

House 124….”Oh George, did you see house 1**? Oh my gosh, they’ve put in their white trash cool air blower in. Shameful. How could anyone live like that George?”

House 132….”Susan, come quick!!!! House 1** is putting in that thing again. In their window! How dreadful! Don’t open the door if they ever ring our bell. And for Godsake don’t let our children play with their white trash children. Lock the doors.”

House 141…”Donald, I will not live in this neighborhood any longer! I will not! You can’t make me! Look…Look…Look! House 1** has put in that, that, that, eye sore once again! God, I will not live like this.”

I can hear it all now. But I refuse to give up my AC. Maybe someday I will be all rich and shit too and have the totally popular and very stylish central air but until then, I’m using my white trash bathe me in cool air, box in my window!!! Hmmmpphhh.

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4 Responses to “The Air Conditioner.”

  1. You said box. LOL! Great entry hun! I have central air, but I’m SO gonna be yer friend anyway Sassy-Sue!

  2. hun keep on with the window air conditioner and don’t worry about that person. She is shallow minded, ‘hot air headed’(pun intended!)and not worth bothering with. Rock on!

  3. Well Miss Sassy-Frassy… you ain’t seen white trash till you’ve seen my backyard…
    I’ll blog all about it- you’ve given me inspiration baby!!! YEEHAWWW!
    You jes’be Kepin’ datder box lidder ladie. Ain nuttin wrong wit haven no Central Air… Hell, you jes’ give me a cano’ beans n I’ll give you some central air!!!
    Heyuck Heyuck
    (that’s my best redneck/white trash blog voice) lmao!

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