Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Telephone Confusion.

November 15, 2005

Ring Ring Ring.

Me:Hi, is this Dance on Edge dance studio?
Me:Oh hi, this is Maddy B’s mom and I just wanted to let you know that she’s not able to make dance class tonight.
Me:This is Maddy B’s mom and I just wanted to let you know that she’s not able to make dance class tonight.
Me:Ok, well can you please pass the message along to her teacher please?
Me:Ummm is this Dance on Edge?
Me:This is the dance studio?
A few seconds of silence, muffled sounds, then a man’s voice.
Me:Hi, is this Dance on Edge?
Me:Ok good. Can you please tell my daughter’s dance teacher that she’s unable to make class.
Man:What class?
Me:Ummmm tonight’s ballet class. At 6:30. The one that starts in 25 mins.
Man:Ok, what you want?
Me:What I want? I want you to give my daughter’s dance teacher a message. PLEASE. Can you do that? Is this the dance studio?
Man:Yes. Dance.
Me:Ok, my child is supposed to be at the 6:30 class TONIGHT but she can’t make it, so could you kindly let her teacher know?
Man:What teacher?
Me:Ok, am I on Candid Camera? Is this Dance on Edge dance studio??????
Me:Ok because I was worried this was the FREAKIN’ TWILIGHT ZONE.
Man:I don’t get it.
Me:Please give the teacher the message.
Man:What you want?
Me:I want you to take the biggest banana you can find and then I want you to shove it up your nose and then I want you to drive rusty nails in your eyes….no, no, wait, drive rusty nails in my eyes because clearly I’m going insane and I’d rather die of some kind of rusty nail poisoning than to try to get through your brain that is clearly made of mush or shit, not sure which. Maybe mushy shit. Anyhoooo, if you could give my daughter’s teacher the message I’d really, super appreciate it.
Man:What you want?
Me:OMG shoot me now.
***Note*** I flushed my head in the toilet after this, banged my head on a brick wall 8 times, drove toothpicks under my nails and watched Britney Spears videos to torture myself because obviously I am going nuts.

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3 Responses to “Telephone Confusion.”

  1. WOW. Freaking UNREAL! But again, you made me laugh my ass off!

  2. LMAO! That is too flippin funny. Did she ever get the message I wonder….lmao

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