Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
My Ears Are Still Ringing.

November 19, 2005

Have you ever been in an enclosed space with 10 squealing girls, that range in age from 3 to 5? Hunh, have ya, have ya???? Well if you haven’t, let me explain it to you. Make sure you are doped to the max with Advil, Tylenol or Excederin. Something. Make sure it’s extra strength. Please. OMG I am pretty sure they broke the sound barrier. I know there were dogs 50 miles away that were howling. I’m so not kidding. The ran, jumped, slid, rolled, squealed, ran, squealed, held hands, squealed, chased one another, squealed, ran some more, screeched, rolled again, squealed, and giggled. Oh and squealed. Did I mention that they squealed? What a difference between a room full of boys and a room full of girls. I’ve taken my boys to big parties when they were younger and let me tell you, boys are loud but girls are LOUDER. Boys make GRRRRRRR sounds like a bear, holler to one another, laugh deep from their belly, stomp, run and jump. Girls, well, they’re shrill. One of the dads was chasing them and they’d run into the little playhouse and absolutely SQUEAL. I’m not sure if I’ve made this point….if I’ve gotten this across to the readers.

S Q U E A L-Definition:

[v] utter a high-pitched cry

Now do you see? Now do you see why you must, must be medicated? It dulls the senses. Makes it a tiny bit better, not quite AS shrill. It’s still ear piercing for sure but the edge is taken off if you’re riding high on Advil. Anyway, the party was a hit and all the girls had a wonderful time. They were loud in an eardrum bursting way that only little girls can do but they were happy. And that’s all that counts, really. **Say it 10 times and I swear you’ll believe it.**

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2 Responses to “My Ears Are Still Ringing.”

  1. So I should dope up? Ya think.

    This is reason number 410 why I do not want a daughter. Like ever.

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