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Weeeellll, We Did Go Out…

November 20, 2005

…..but we didn’t go see a movie though. The only show we could have went to started at 10:25pm and it was over 2 hours long. So, we ended up going out for dinner to Applebee’s. I always order a virgin strawberry daiquiris…my favorite. So the guy brings our drinks and mine is looking soooooo yummy. I take a sip and take a big lick from around the glass and very quickly my face turns to puckered unprettiness as I realize, that the dumbass who made my drink, didn’t dip it in sugar, but instead he had his head up his butthole and dipped it in SALT. Talk about GROSS. I was drinking water like I’d been in the Sahara for 6 months and hubby was frantically trying to get our waiter’s attention. But he was too busy telling the other customers that he would definately NOT recommend their vegetable soup. WTF? He had told us the same thing. Said, “Our soup of the day is vegetable but I wouldn’t recommend it, well I hate vegetables, so I wouldn’t get it.” GREAT SALES PITCH buddy. Anyway, I digress…..so we finally get him back to the table and I tell him that, well, there’s supposed to be sugar on the rim of my glass not salt. He pauses and looks at me, tilts his head and then agrees with me that indeed it should be sugar and not salt. Thanks for the 411 moron. After about 5 minutes, he comes back with my new drink and says I should probably taste it while he’s standing there. So I do, it’s now sugar and I’m happy. Then he says, “Well, you know what happened is, well, I usually work in the bar, but not tonight. But anyways, ya, the guy who made your drink dipped it in salt instead of sugar.” Well no fucking shit Sherlock. I’m thinking he’s going to leave us now because, well the big freakin’ mystery’s been solved and I can continue on with my life. But, hence, no, he keeps on yappin’. “Well see, salt and sugar look very similar (STOP THE PRESSES….I HAD NO IDEA!!!!!!!!) so when the bartender dipped your glass, he thought he was dipping it in sugar but it was salt because they were side by side. Usually when I work in the bar, I keep them apart so I don’t get them confused.” Well aren’t you a smartie patartie. Gee, thanks so much for you life story behind the bar, but listen, I’ve got my drink, my sugar and you’ve clarified that salt and sugar look similar and now I can go on with my life knowing that you’ve solved that puzzle for me. I really had no idea how the bartender could have mixed up salt and sugar. But again, I thank you for ‘splaining it to me.

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3 Responses to “Weeeellll, We Did Go Out…”

  1. ROFL!!!!! You poor thing.

    Hey you know what? Salt and sugar look the same.

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