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Today Is A Good Day.

November 21, 2005

Well the results are in….As mommy so eloquently put to Ryan today, “You have a good brain, YAY!” Not the most subtle way to let your child know that his test results came back negative for any kind of brain defect or malfunction, but hey, I was freakin’ happy. I was so uptight and tense for the past few days, that I had to let it out somehow and it kinda came out like I am a bumbling moron, but whatever. He does have some sinus issues that we have to keep an eye on and monitor him and if it becomes a problem (I refuse to discuss the “snot” factor of this problem in any detail…give me poo or vomit and I’m good to go, but start talking about snot balls and I gag…just ask Karen and Laura…they’ve actually heard me gag on the phone…and yes we were, or rather they were talking about the S word on purpose, to make me, gag and/or puke…that’s another whole story…holy long bracket sentence Batman) then we have to take him immediately to Dr K. So all in all, it was great news. We may never know why he suffers from all that he does or why he’s got delays in some areas. But you know what? Who cares? He’s a healthy, bright, happy, beautiful child who makes his family smile daily and even strangers who meet him for the first time. He’s flourishing at his new school and we’re getting the help that he needs, so that’s all that matters. He’s got a good brain! Yay!

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3 Responses to “Today Is A Good Day.”

  1. YAY!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!!! Way to go little man – you with your great brain and all!
    Love Karen

  2. WOO HOOO! Glad all went well! GOOD BRAIN IS A GREAT THING!!!!
    SNOT on the other hand…. Made ya gag! ROFL!
    Seriousley I am thrilled that his appt went so well!

    Ryan you are a beautiful Child! Keep smiling hunny!!
    HUGZ To your mama!!!!

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