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The Translation.

November 23, 2005

Last night Maddy had dance class and usually, without fail, she asks, “Can I get a Happy Meal from McDonald’s.” Well she surprised us last night by asking for Subway. We were like, sure! So we went over to get it while she was at class. I had to translate her order slightly. She tells me that she wants a “little subway with bologna, pepperoni, Miracle Whip, tomatoes and pickles and I don’t like the cheese mom, so don’t get that okay?”. I have to order it like “a 6″ cold cuts on Italian bread, mayo, TWO tomatoes and ONE pickle. No cheese please.” The clerk looks at me when I say 2 tomatoes and one pickle. Ummmm, look lady, she’s 5 and very particular, don’t ask questions, just do it. Please. Maddy ate the whole sub. I was so thrilled that she chose the sub over the greasy burger from Rotten Ronnies!

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One Response to “The Translation.”

  1. ROFL! How cute!
    Love Karen

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