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The Water Jug.

November 24, 2005

How can a water jug be special? Or have an interesting story behind it? Probably can’t. But let me tell you about our water jug anyway. Hubby and I have been together for over 17 years and shortly after we met, the water jug came into our lives. We had been grocery shopping and wanted juice. We found this juice called Mr Citrus. I don’t think you can even get it anymore, anywhere. It was kind of like Tang, not exactly Kool Aid but not exactly like orange juice either. There was nothing special about the jug that it came in, just a sort of clear container with the green Mr Citrus logo oh it. Pretty booooooriiiiing. We drank the juice within a couple of days…hubby was the one to take the last mouthful out of the jug, by swigging it right from the container. He set it on the counter and we left for work. I was the first one home from work and as I was cleaning up the kitchen, there sat the jug. Nothing great about it. Just a jug. But for some reason, I couldn’t throw it away. I did the dishes, cleaned the counters and picked up the jug to toss it and it was glued to my hands. Not literally, but I just couldn’t put it in the trash. So instead I washed it out and filled it up with water and placed it in the fridge. I was going to make it our new water jug! Anthony came home from work, went to the fridge and saw the jug. He was like, oh we’re using it as a water jug? Yup we are. Well it’s a good jug he said to me. That jug has seen us through children being born, jobs lost and gotten, children growing up, moving from one house to another, us moving across Canada…..lots of changes. We STILL have that jug. It’s 17 years old. The logo is a little worn but that jug is holding up like no jug has ever before. It’s a part of our history together. That jug has had little, grubby mitts around it, it’s been dropped, slobbered on (washed of course), sat empty on the counter until someone filled it up and sits on our table at suppertime every evening that we eat at home. There’s no way I could possibly get rid of it now. I know most people have delicate dishes, dainty teacups or beautiful linens that they’ve accumulated and will pass on to their offspring and someday become wonderful keepsakes for generations to come. And I have a plastic water jug. Super. My kids get a kick out of the fact that this jug is so old (And I’m pretty sure they think I’m weird for keeping it). But we all use it. Every single day. It’s a part of us, our family, as corny as that sounds. We all cherish that beat up, old, worn jug.

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One Response to “The Water Jug.”

  1. I was going to say that I can’t wait to see your jug when I come in the summer, but there it is. You posted it. Thank you for saving me $400 in airfare. You complete me.
    You are the buttery rich cream in my coffee every morning; you are the sunshine in my mind; and you make me so happy. Every. Single. Freaking. Day.
    Thank you for being such a great friend……
    Funny how something so simple can mean so much. You are simple and you mean so much. ROFL!! Just kidding. You aren’t simple. Well maybe in the kitchen.

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