Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
My Little Pony.

November 26, 2005

Maddy wants a talking My Little Pony. It comes with a baby bottle, moves and talks. She’s been asking me for one for weeks now and I keep telling her that maybe she’ll get it for Christmas. Now I had never seen one of these talking pony’s. I’ve seen other My Little Pony’s and normally they’re pretty cute. But recently while at the grocery store I saw it. Well, let me tell you, this pony ain’t all that friggin’ cute. It’s face is way too short and wide and honestly, it looks kinda ‘tardish. It’s eyes look waaaaay too big, the nostrils are flaring like gaping black holes and really, it looks not quite right. I came home from Christmas shopping and immediately Maddy tackled me, asking if I’d bought this pony for her. Well first Missy, I would certainly not tell you if I did because that would spoil the surprise and suspense. Second, honestly honey, it’s kinda fugly, no offense to My Little Pony’s all over the world. Well she rolled her eyes, threw up her hands and proclaimed at the top of her lungs, that indeed it is a beautiful freakin’ pony (her words) and that she will just ask Santa then. Nevermind mommy, because I’m going to ask Mr. Santa and I bet any money he doesn’t think My Little Pony talking pony is fugly and he’ll get Mrs. Clause’s opinion and she’ll think it’s beautiful too. And the elves will also say that it’s beautiful and mommy will be the only person in the whole wide world that thinks it’s fugly. Hmmm really honey? Because I was shopping with Angela and she saw it too and she thought it was fugly too, so na nana boo boo. My five year old looked at me and said……whaaaaatever. Anyhoooo, mommy is picking it up next week.

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3 Responses to “My Little Pony.”

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