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The Hardware Store.

November 27, 2005

Today I was thinking about Ryan when he was little….like around 3 years old or so. I really should have called him Dennis. As in Dennis the Menace. That child was…….active. I remember being in Canadian Tire with hubby and Ryan and we had turned our backs for a milli- second. Literally. Ryan was/is soooo fast. He’s a disappearing act in a small body. He’s a modern day Houdini. We realized quickly that he was missing, so of course I begin the standard chain of panic talk. OMG he’s been kidnapped. OMG he ran out into the street. OMG he’s climbing a ladder somewhere and going to fall and get hurt. Wait……….OMG he’s into something and is causing damage and destruction. That was Ryan’s usual MO. He didn’t usually run off just to disappear but to explore. Ummm ya. So we start going up the isles one by one. My heart is beating a mile a minute, frantic. Hubby is less concerned. Not because he doesn’t care but because he’s reasonable. I’m clearly not. It’s a known fact. It’s been proven. If you’re a few minutes late, well your dead in the ditch with the car rolled on top of you. Hubby would think, well, “so and so” got held up in traffic or stopped for a coffee. See what I mean by he’s the sane one and I’m, well, not. Anyway back to Ryan…..we’re peeking down isle after isle until we come to the isle that has hardward stuff. I say stuff because nails and crap does not interest me in the least. So it’s just stuff or crap or stuff and crap. Anyhoooo, in one isle they have rolls of chain. Some of it’s narrow chain and some of it is wide chain. I’m not sure what someone does with a big roll of chain or even some of the roll of chain (maybe use it to make your own dog leash? I have no clue.). Well, Ryan has found the rolls of chain. Big deal right? Ummmm, he unrolled it. All of it. There are big piles of chain links all over the place. I’m thinking, is he possessed? He’s laughing like he just saw the best Circus show in town. The toddler giggles are flowing out of him like warm sunshine on your face. Part of me wanted to string him up by his ears and the other part of me wanted to help him unravel the last little bit of the chain…it did look fun. However I had to be the sensible one in this situation. So trying to be as adult as I could, I took him by the arm and ran as fast as I could out of there so we wouldn’t get charged with unlawfully unravelling chain. Or chain abuse. Or whatever the charge would be. That’s my Dennis.

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8 Responses to “The Hardware Store.”

  1. OMG my future is flashing before my eyes…free baby! FREE BABY!!! Anyone listening?

  2. LMAO!!! I sorry you went threw that but that was cute and funny! I could picture him doing that with a big smile on his face as well! I’m so glad Samantha doesn’t walk away from us any more.

  3. That sounds like BIG FUN!
    WTG Ryan!
    Got Chain!
    CHAIN WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I would have given anything to see the two of you running out of that store. rofl

  5. I would have so pulled the chain… and then run! lol

    too funny!

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