Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Wrong Number…..Again.

December 4, 2005

Have you ever wondered why some of us are prone to get the crackpots calling our house? I swear I’m the queen of wrong numbers. I get them all the time for some local glass company and a local donut/coffee shop. At least once a day or sometimes more. Plus all the other wingnuts that decide to call my number thinking they are calling Aunt Bertha or Grandpa Joe or whomever. Ya whatever. So a couple of nights ago the phone rings. I answer it. Of course I say Hello. The woman on the other end, says (and she’s saying it like perhaps the person on the other end is retarded or at the very least, slow in terms of conversing on the phone.) ….
“Hiiiiiiiiii” (drag this Hi out, reeeeeeeeal slow), is your mom or dad home?”
“Ummmm, I’m the mom.” DOH.
“Oh.” Oh? That’s it? Isn’t it at this point, that you realize you have the wrong number and then politley say, Oh I have the wrong number? Hunh huh hunh huh? Isn’t it? Nope. She keeps on yacking.
“Oh, this is Faith right?” Ummm, no this isn’t Faith. And it isn’t Faith’s daughter, aunt, sister, grandma or transvestite brother-in-law.
“Nope, this isn’t Faith.” So now that I’ve said that out loud, this is really the point that she should say, sorry, or oops or something and then end our conversation. But instead, she says nothing to me BUT doesn’t hang up the phone either and then yells to her son or husband or postman, not sure who, but YELLS in my ear,
“Keith!!!!!!!!!!!!! You gave me Faith’s number and it’s wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Holy shit lady, are we done here? I don’t really need to hear you chewing out a new butthole for your offspring/hubby/mail carrier or whoever it is having the pleasure of hearing you scream like a crazed maniac on some real bad pot. I have lost partial hearing in my left ear I’m pretty sure. I should sue. I do have her number on caller ID now. Maybe I should call her today and ask her if she has Robyn Hood by the bag. Or if her refridgerator is running.

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2 Responses to “Wrong Number…..Again.”

  1. LOL Do it…would teach her a lesson about the courtesy of being polite when calling a wrong number!! I know evil me.


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