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More Bathroom Humor.

December 8, 2005

We were at the Children’s Hospital today for an appointment concerning Ryan. After leaving the appointment, Ryan tells us, that he needs to find a bathroom. Duty calls. Hubby takes him in and I wait outside, apparently missing all the fun. Yesterday, at school, Ryan purchased a book from the Book Fair that comes around every few months. He was so thrilled to get this Totally
Spies book. He loves it so much that he slept with it last night. Anyway, he took it to school today so it came along for the appointment today. He’s looked at it and read it so much in the last 24 hours that it looks like it’s been around the block a time or two. So as hubby is taking him in the bathroom after the appointment, Ryan gently lays the book down on the counter and goes into a stall. Daddy waits just outside the stall by the sink. There’s also someone in the other stall. Hubby figured the guy was taking a dump. I’ll take his word for it….I didn’t need details. So Ryan decides he better give a heads up to daddy. Goes like this……….

“Dad, watch my book. It’s on the counter.”
“Okay Ryan.”
“Make sure noone steals it dad.”
“Okay buddy.”
“Ummm, well there’s a man in the other stall dad.”
“Okay Ryan.”
“Well he might know some kids that like Totally Spies.”
“Huhn huh.”
“Well he might steal it and give it to them. So watch it okay dad?”
“Okay buddy.”
Of course SirPoopsAlot in the next stall heard all of this and must have found Ryan amusing and was chuckling as he was having a crap. Ryan is so innocent and oblivious to all of this and just tells it like he sees it.
“Dad, I was pulling up my longjohns and then my pants and I realized my underwear wasn’t there. They didn’t get pulled up with the longjohns and my pants, so I had to start all over again and do my underwear first and then my longjohns and then my pants. Okay dad?”
“Yup, sure buddy.”
He comes out and is very relieved that not only did his underwear finally get pulled up with the rest of his clothes but that his new, totally beloved Totally Spies book, was totally not stolen. Totally.

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One Response to “More Bathroom Humor.”

  1. OMG ROFL!!!!! HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!! I’m dying here!!! Your kids are too freaking funny. TOTALLY!

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