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Facial Expression Dictionary.

December 9, 2005

Facial Expression #1: The dead, blank, yawn stare. Use this when conversing with a total spazz that is boring you abso-freakin-lutely to death and you’re a tad too polite to say, SHUT IT to their face. Continue to bore holes through them until they take the fucking hint.

Facial Expression #2: The puckered lips look, which clearly means, what the fuck crack were you smokin’ when you bought those jeans and then proceeded to wear them thinking you look good? You clearly look like a bloated sealion. ***No words need be exchanged to the offender….your own expression will quickly clue them in.***

Facial Expression #3: Pure shock that fat lady that lives next door is wearing leggings, a tube top and has pit hair. Usually no vocalization comes out but honestly, there’s no need. Your surprised and scared expression says it all.

Facial Expression #4: The fake “of course I love your new hairdo” smile, which really means, girlfraaaaand, that blows monkey ass and you need to sue your hair stylist. Like now.
Facial Expression #5: Hmmmm you smell bad. Kind of like shit. Or really chunky vomit. ***Again, this is not said aloud but your disgusted facial expression will tell the tale.***
Facial Expression #6: Ummmm what the fuck is that you’re wearing? ***Of course you don’t say this out loud to the offending fashion cow, but they’ll hopefully quickly clue in and immediately burn the offending outfit.***
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4 Responses to “Facial Expression Dictionary.”

  1. Sassy your expressions says it all and I totally agree with you. And I would just like to say that you are very pretty.

    Hugs Kirsten

  2. I can think of a better caption for #3! ROFL
    CHINESE FOOD!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG that was hysterical! You’re too much!!!!

  4. Very nice site!
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