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December 13, 2005

You never know what you might hear in this house (or our van, or the park, or the mall……you get the idea). Here are a couple of snippets of some conversations I overheard and/or was a part of on Sunday at our asylum and elsewhere.
Matt, Ryan and Maddy are sitting at the table. They’re looking at the Sears Wish Book….pretty innocent until they come to the bras.
Maddy:Oooo bras.
Matt: Ya, boring.
Ryan: Can I see?
Maddy: Ooo you want to wear a bra Ryan?
Ryan: Ummm No. I don’t have boobs.
Maddy:Oooo you have boobies…………….*Hesitates*………Can I see them?

We’re out on Sunday and Madison has figured out how to unbuckle her carseat unassissted. So of course she’s all excited about this. It’s a huge deal for her. So as we’re driving, she says she’s going to unbuckle.
Me: You will not unbuckle your carseat Miss.
Maddy: Well I can do it myself now, so I think I’ll try.
Me:You try it Missy and you’ll be sorry.
Maddy then proceeds to press on the clip to unbuckle herself. I hear her and turn and say….
Me: What do you think you’re doing?
Maddy: Weeeeeeelll you said to try it, so I am just following directions from my mother.
Can you spell SMARTASS?

Driving in the van, all 5 kids are with us….hubby is in a store.
Maddy: Ooo you’re a sexy mom.
Ryan: Mom is sexy?
Maddy: Ya. And Amanda is sexy. And so am I.
Ryan: Whatever.
Amanda: Hey, Sean said you’re a MILF. (I’m totally assuming this was in reference to others thinking this and not my son personally.)
Me: What? OMG. Really?
Sean: **Whispering** OMG I can’t believe you just told my mom that.
Amanda: What? You said it.
Matt: OMG are we home yet?
Ryan: Nope, we’re not.
Sean: Ooops.
Me: What?
Sean: Oh nothing.
Amanda: OMG did you fart?
Matt: OMG you’re so classy. I’m getting out of the van for air that isn’t polluted.
Sean: What? I ate too much and now I have to poo.
Me: Thanks for the 411.
Maddy: You have to poop? Yuck.
Ryan: **Laughs**
Maddy: Where are the sexy guys? (Ummm hello??? You’re 5. There ain’t no sexy guys for you Miss.)
Hubby comes back to the van……….
Did I miss anything?

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4 Responses to “Tidbits.”

  1. ROFLMFAO!!!!

  2. Ditto what Penny said!

  3. LOL
    Umm what’s MILF?

  4. ROFLMAO that is just precious!

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