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Rocks In His Head?

January 8, 2006

I called my husband yesterday to see how work was going. He was finishing up a job for Myron. And who is Myron you ask? Weeeeellll…..if you click here, you will get a first hand look at someone who apparently, has empty space in their skull. Read on.

Hubby had been doing a big job for Myron, putting siding on etc and of course needed many tools to accomplish this. Tools. As in expensive to replace. So the day before he had asked Myron if he could lock his tools up in his garage instead of loading them all back into the van and then carting them back the next day. Myron was fine with that. Super.

So hubby and Rich put everything in the garage and lock it up. Wonderful. Now they need not worry about hubby’s tools being stolen nor do they have to cart them away just to bring them back the next day. They get to Myron’s yesterday and Rich realizes he left the key inside the garage. Myron comes out and tells them that he’ll get the garage door opener. Ooo Myron is going to save the day. Amazing. He comes back out to tell them that he also left the garage opener in the garage.

As hubby is telling me this, I’m rolling my eyes, thinking what a boob Myron is. Maybe he’s a genius at work. Maybe he’s a fanfuckingtastic lover (I highly doubt this). Maybe he’s got a tongue like Gene Simmons. I don’t know for sure, but I do know the guy has fucking rocks in his head.

Myron’s garage has 2 doors on it. One is bigger than the other. So as hubby and Rich are wondering how they’ll get their tools out, thinking maybe Myron has a spare key or another door opener, Myron speaks up. He tells them that there’s no need to panic, that the smaller of the 2 garage doors is never locked and walks over to it and opens it. From the outside. Opens it. Unassisted by a key or an opener. Ummm wow. Anthony and Rich are looking at each other and probably thinking, does he have melted wax in his head? What the fuck was the point of making a big ta do about LOCKING the other garage door if the smaller one IS ALWAYS UNLOCKED? Gee I’m glad their expensive man shit was all safe and sound, snuggled away in Myron’s unlocked garage. What a relief that was. Thanks so much Myron.

***Shaking my head***

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5 Responses to “Rocks In His Head?”

  1. Nice.

  2. I want to marry Myron so I can boss him around.

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  4. DOH! Freaking idiots these days!

  5. And I thought I worked for stupid people. This dude gives idiots a bad name.

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