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What?  Am I Twelve?

January 12, 2006

Am I twelve? No, I’m not. I’m 30 something but occassionally, I do like things that would also make a 12 year old’s heart go pitter patter. Take for instance the pens in the above picture. They’re from my 9 year old’s book order this month. He brought it home yesterday and while looking at it with him, his own excited cries for the Spongebob book that he wants became muted in my ears as I lovingly looked at those pens. They’re gel pens. With dangly things from them. One has a heart…….Oh my gawd be still my heart. I ordered them today. I swear. They come with a book…ya, ya, whatever, I’m only concerned about owning the pens. So I sent the $5.99 in an envelope with my son. He thought I was ordering them for him and he was so not impressed. I explained that, yes he could get the Spongebob book he wanted so badly and mommy was purchasing the book/pens for herself. He looked at me like I had lava oozing from my ears. Perhaps I do. But who really gives a shit? Mama’s gettin’ herself some glittery, dangly gel pens.

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4 Responses to “What? Am I Twelve?”

  1. I too, can understand the appreciation of fine writing implements.

    I know you and your gel pens will be very happy together :-)

  2. you.

  3. Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get the spongebob version of life…I mean ever. I’m even one of those freaks who like spongebob (not enough to wear one of those adult costumes at the site you linked to, but I don’t hurl when the kids are watching) but it ruined the game of “Life” for me. Granted it has been years since I played but I do recal somewhat enjoying it (I mean, cumon, I got to have kids in the game which meant I had to have had sex and all which as a youth I didn’t believe would ever happen). The game is incepid and mind numbing. Never go there.

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