Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I Do Know My Alphabet.

January 14, 2006

I’m not blonde (Not that there’s anything wrong with being blonde but you get my drift). I posted a picture to prove it. But why oh why can I never get word verification right when I’m commenting on certain blogs? I canned my “WV” because I didn’t want the people who took the time to comment on my blog to feel dumb. I wanted them to feel smart, so I trashed it. I swear I know every single letter of the alphabet, although you’d never know it when WV comes up. I get sweaty and nervous….will I succeed on the first try? Not usually. But did you know that if you get it wrong like once or twice, they (whoever the hell “they” is…word verification personell I guess) will give you three letters, all spaced apart, so basically you’d have to be a brain dead chimpanze not to get it right the third time around. Anyway, I swear I know my letters. Let me show you. This is ——>A. A is for apple. This is ——->B. B is for bootie. This is ——->F. As in Fuck this, I’m going to bed. Good night already.

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13 Responses to “I Do Know My Alphabet.”

  1. (Pssttt…. I’ll let you in on a little secret… It’s an anti-Canadian thing. Don’t tell anyone!)

    You need to accept WV as your friend. Figure out what the word’s definition is. Embrace it. Use it in your next post.

    Or leave a nasty comment to poster and tell them to turn it off!

    S M R T
    WV can be your friend!

  3. Oh and I fucking hate Word Verification

  4. wvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvw


  5. It takes me a few tries too, but I like to amuse myself by making up dirty words with the funky letters they always give me. Have fun with it! It’s better than Viagra comment spam.

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  7. sassy Just wanted to say to you are a very Beautiful WOMEN wow

  8. oops meant to say WOMAN not women must be the lack of sleep sorry sassy

  9. I have the same problem and I think I know my letters also. I try about four times and then give up. No sense making a fool out of myself.

  10. GOD. I HATE WV. It’s like, dammit. I don’t want to try to figure out those squashed up fuggin’ letters. I’ve actually skipped commenting before because I couldn’t tell the letter and I wasn’t going to try again and again.

    But then again, you get the asshat comments like the one that you’ve already gotten. RAWR. Fuggin’ Spammers.

  11. I love to read your blog. I am getting addicted to read …read… and read.

  12. Love your hair.

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