Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I’ve Got A Spankin’ New Look!!!

January 16, 2006

Oh my freakin’ gawd, I’m freakin’ freaking on my freakin’ friend Karen….in a good way of course! She gave me a brand new look and can I just say, I freakin’ love it! I’m all fluttery inside and have goosebumps. Okay, so sue me, I’m a freak. How many times can I say freak or forms of the word freak? Alot. So get over it. Thank you Karen for giving me a hot lookin’ space baby! Muah!

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8 Responses to “I’ve Got A Spankin’ New Look!!!”

  1. WOW…AWSOME JOB KAREN! She did a great job!!

    How freakin’ awsome for you Sassy!

  2. I am loving your new look! It’s very personal and unique, in all the good ways!

  3. Love it! Karen you have some great talent girl!

  4. Looks great Sassy!! A little disappointed though that you didn’t use a hat head pic… *sigh* LOL

  5. Wonderful look, darlin. You wear it well (along witht he hat). Glad yours is going much much better than mine.

  6. Hi there,

    I love your blog! Awesome! By the way, if you’re ever looking for Business Mailing Lists, be sure to check out my site!

  7. This is Myron. I want to leave a message.

  8. Doesn’t she do a GREAT job!

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