Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Is She Or Isn’t She?

January 17, 2006

Shit. I’m starting to get a little paranoid. What about you ask? Well, read on.

So I’m wondering if it’s possible that I am white trash? I can’t quite grasp the concept. I mean I have all my teeth, bathe daily, shave my legs every single fucking day, always smell pretty, am educated, wear alot of pink, have cute and/or sexy panties, have nice nails, don’t eat from a trough, speak in complete and full sentences, don’t scratch my privates in public and my house isn’t on wheels. However, I’m a tad concerned. If you remember, I’ve had this conversation with myself before, here. But now something else has cropped up. My keyboard. And what pray tell, could be so horribly wrong with one’s keyboard that would make one afraid that oneself is white trash? Lemme tell ya.

I’ve got a decent keyboard. It’s wireless and came with a nice wireless laser mouse. It’s black, kinda sleek, nice. But we’ve had it for awhile now, so obviously the letters get worn off of the keys after some time. Luckily the keyboard came with replacement letters that you just fit on the keys, they’re the exact size of the key and you just stick them on. Great. But now those are worn, so alot of the letters are again, gone. Now for me that’s not an issue, since I can type with my eyes closed. I don’t ever have to look at the keyboard. Of course I’m not the only one using said keyboard. Sigh. Big fucking sigh.

Hubby says to me that we need new keyboard stickers. Okay fine, how hard is that? Well apparently they’re next to impossible to buy. Yes, we could buy a new keyboard but I like my keyboard and other than some letters missing from the keys, it’s fine. But my man is a hen pecking, one fingered (sometimes 2) typing kinda guy, so he really needs to know where the letters are. We go out on Sunday and try to purchase the stickers. Noone has them. I guess they want people to buy a brand new keyboard and not just put the keyboard replacement stickers on them. I said we should try the Dollar store. You never know, they might just have some. Well they don’t. But they did have some stickers…..not for a keyboard, more for a child sticking them in a book or something of that nature. But hubby insists we get them. They’re gold. Gold with black letters. Now when you think of gold, you think of class, riches, money. Well get that out of your head, because these stickers neither show class, look rich or make people think you’ve laid out big bucks for them. They look cheap, gawdy and well, fucking cheesy. Ya. Well guess who’s going shopping on Friday for a new keyboard?

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7 Responses to “Is She Or Isn’t She?”

  1. What i woulda used…

  2. lol – bling bling!

  3. ROFL!!!
    You could have gone to Claires or Adrelene for some Keyboard stickers.. I think the ones there have that Nasty bad ass rabbit on them…
    Tooo Funny… Nice Keyboard by the way… lol

  4. Now that is just too funny…if it makes you feel better, the keyboard on my laptop for grad school not only has the letters worn off but a groove in the space bar from where my thumb hangs out as well as grooved home keys in a few spots

  5. Hey…whatever works babe!

  6. HOLY MOLY, that’s funny! I think I have that same keyboard and mouse combo. heh. A few of my letters are getting sort of worn, but I have spare keyboards waiting. LOL

  7. Love that keyboard!

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