Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Rotten ‘Ronnies.

January 19, 2006

Rotten ‘Ronnies. That’s what we call McDonald’s. Not to say I don’t crave a Big Mac once in awhile but I don’t want to eat it every day.

Last weekend, I decided I was craving RR’s, we happened to be in Walmart so we stopped by RR’s. I wanted chicken nuggets instead of the fries that come with the meal. Sounds pretty simple right? Well it wasn’t.

Hi. I’d like to order combo number 7 please but instead of fries, I’d like 6 nuggets.
What you want?
I just told you. Combo 7 with nuggets in place of fries.
You can’t.
I can’t?
You’re out of chicken nuggets?
Okay. So I’ll have 6 nuggets instead of the fries.
No? I’m looking around because I just know I’m on television.
Okay, maybe I’m not making myself clear (although I’m pretty sure a retarded sealion could get it). I’d like combo 7 with a 6 pack of nuggets instead of the fries. So no fries. But nuggets instead.
I can’t.
You can’t? You can’t give me nuggets? Why?
It don’t come with the meal. Nice fucking grammar guy.
Well then. How about I get combo 7 plus the nuggets.
So you don’t want the fries?

Good gawd, help me.

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8 Responses to “Rotten ‘Ronnies.”

  1. You weren’t explaining it clearly enough. I didn’t get it either.

    So, you want the fries or not? haha.

  2. omg roflmao here that is too funny but oh so true about mcdonalds….try to do something different they freak out!

  3. Well, do you want the fries or what?

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  5. wow, sounds like he’s Walmart managerial material in the making!!

  6. But you wanted the fries rite? :)

  7. So..it was with fries and nuggets? Haha..

    You’ve been a victim of the “wow I’m too lazy to do that” employee. I love telling people at work they can’t have Ice Caps, and having them get all “Well why not?” (In the Kiosk in the gas station, we don’t make them).

  8. Cool guestbook, interesting information… Keep it UP

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