Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Gawd Enough Already.

January 26, 2006

I don’t know about you but I’m so fucking sick of Brad and Angelina (and Jennifer Aniston, although for the record, I was on team Aniston and I would have sex with Brad if he asked me but that’s beside the point), I could hurl. **Insert vomitting noises here**

I was at the grocery store yesterday and I swear at least 8 rag mags had a picture of either Brad or Angelina or both and/or Jen. Is Brad giving Angelina a ring? What will their baby’s name be? Jen isn’t over Brad. Angelina called Jen. Jen proposed to Vince. Angelina has a baby bump. Brad is having fun being a dad. Jen resents Brad. Brad was seen holding Angelina’s hand and caressing her bump. Angelina had no makeup on and was rushed to the hospital. Who fucking cares?

Listen, I’m thinking Jen is over the whole thing. She’s moved on people. Hang it up. We get it. Brad most likely screwed Ang while they were making their movie together, Jen found out, Jen and Brad broke up and now he’s playing house with Angelina. And now they’re having a baby. Yawn. We don’t care. Really.

I could give a rat’s ass what they want to name their spawn. I don’t care that Ang’s children now have a hyphenated name ‘Jolie-Pitt’……big fucking deal. I’m sorry but they eat, blow their nose, shit, spill food on their clothes, get boogers, fart, have smelly feet, get itchy scalps, chew their nails, get broccoli stuck in their teeth and wake up with sleep in their eyes just like the rest of us (except me of course). Honestly, let’s move on shall we? When I see their pictures it makes me want to line a horse’s stall with the magazine pages so they’ll get shit on.

Now perhaps if they both fall of the face of the earth, then let me know. If not, stop torturing us with their mundane existance. We. Don’t. Care.

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6 Responses to “Gawd Enough Already.”

  1. Yesssssssssssssss! I totally agree….If I have to endure one more story on them I’ll scream!

    I’d actually vomit..but I’ve already done so…today’s lunch as well as yesterday’s 3 meals!

  2. AMEN!

  3. found your site through HNT…
    but yea, who the hell cares about the idiotic meaningless events of their dramatized lives.


  4. I thought SERIOUSLY that I was the only person on the planet that didn’t give fuck. You should HEAR the little hens that I work with cluck over this crap. Drives me insane. They wonder why I keep my office door closed with my headphones on while I work.

  5. I totally agree Sassy! I admit i am intrigued to a point. But its gone beyond my point! and what is it about Ang I don’t get it she is not attractive to me anyways. I just don’t understand :)

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