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Kentucky Fucked Chicken.

January 26, 2006

A few years ago, we took a trip to New Hampshire. It was back in 2001, we had all 4 kids with us and for the most part, it was a memorable vacation.

Several times during our said vacation, we’d take the kids out to eat when we got tired of barbequed hotdogs and hamburgers. One evening, our boys were craving KFC. We quickly found one not far from our campsite and went in.

‘Hi, I’d like to order the family bucket of chicken please’. **I swear, me and fast food places do not mix**
‘Hi. We don’t have any chicken’.
‘You don’t have chicken’?
‘This is KFC right’?
‘Okay, then I’m not following you. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried…………..chicken‘.
‘Right. So why can’t I order chicken’?
‘Because we don’t have any’.
‘It’s 7:30pm and you close at 11pm, so how can you not have any chicken’?
‘I don’t know. I think we might have a couple of wings’.
‘A couple of wings? As in two’?
‘You literally have 2 wings’?
‘Ya, two’.
‘Okay, well, ummm, we’re a family of 6, so two wings is not gonna cut it’.
‘We have some coleslaw’.
‘Riiiiiiiiiiiight, but see even with some ‘slaw, the two wings won’t do us much good’.
‘Well, we’ll have more tomorrow’.
‘Riiiiiiiiiiight, well I’m guessing we’re just gonna move on to the next place because we kinda wanted to eat tonight’s supper, well, tonight’.
‘Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, thanks’.

Better tell Colonel Sanders to get off his duff and start pluckin’.

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5 Responses to “Kentucky Fucked Chicken.”

  1. i thought my Subway story was good but that takes it !!!
    Apparently there was no local grocery store to buy chicken from either…
    or, well, maybe nobody smart enough to figure that out.

  2. NO CHICKEN OMG and I thought going to KFC and them not having plastic wear with which to eat with was bad. lol

  3. That’s hilarious!

  4. I think your hawt, muwahahahaha


    visit the Scythe’s Edge, (insert evil laughter here)

  5. The closest KFC to me is a two-fer that’s also an A&W Root Beer store. I haven’t caught them out of chicken, but they run out of root beer a lot, which strikes me as dumbassed, but that just might be me.

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