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Random Dumb.

January 26, 2006

I’m assuming if one is a crack dealer, that perhaps having business cards printed up is not a good idea. I’m just sayin’.

Apparently Sylvester J. Williams from Leavenworth, KAN would disagree with me, because that’s just what the “alleged” crack dealer did. Yup. He had some business cards printed up that said, ‘For a quick hit on time call the boss’ and they depicted an alarm clock being hit by a boxing glove. How clever.

I’m pretty sure when the police called him, using one of his ‘business’ cards, and asked if they could come buy some crack and he said, “sure”, that he was not expecting to be arrested.

How can people be so fucking dumb? Oh wait, maybe he was on crack as well as selling it. Geez.

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One Response to “Random Dumb.”

  1. OMG what an ass!!!!!!!

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