Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
3:45 am.

February 5, 2006

What’s your favorite thing to do at 3:45am? Probably not cleaning up vomit. I know mine isn’t either but that’s what I found myself doing at that exact time.

My youngest son woke up and came out to the livingroom, where, surprise, surprise, I was still sitting. At the computer. I turned around to ask him what he wanted and then I heard it. No need for verbal communication at this point. He proceeded to barf from where I sat, running through the kitchen, into the bathroom. He left a nice trail for mommy so she wouldn’t get lost. Super.

I get to the bathroom after dodging the spillage left for me on my hardwood, and see my poor child. He’s covered in brownish liquid. Yum, must have been the chocolate Pediasure coming back up. I stand there for a few seconds, unsure of what to do first. Wait. I know. Wake up my husband. Why the hell should he get to sleep through this? ***Insert demented, evil laugh here*** He shouldn’t. Not at all.

I get hubby out of bed and break the bad news to him. “We have a situation. It’s pretty sick. It’s brown and a semi-liquid with a bit of substance to it. We need to move fast. It’s probably spreading as we speak”. He looks at me through his sleepy eyes and I think I caught a look of, ‘I’d like to choke you now’. But I can’t be 100% sure.

We go back to the bathroom and see poor Mr. B, standing and shivering. I become Commander Sassy and start barking orders. I give daddy the pleasure of cleaning little barfing boy and I will do damage control. Ryan then informs me, that there is also puke in his bed. Oh yes there was. ALOT.

After about 30 minutes, sick child is back in a clean bed, the floors are sparklin’ (gee, people should woof cookies more often so my hardwood gets a good scrubbing), bathroom is gleaming and bedding is being washed. Mission accomplished.

I got to crawl back into bed by about 4:30, only to be woken by my alarm at 7:30 am. Perfect.

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7 Responses to “3:45 am.”

  1. it’s a good thing I don’t have kids. I can see myself just taking a child covered in vomit and throwing them in the shower – clothes and all… :D

  2. usually i like to sleep at that time of morning but i have had those nights when yes cleaning up vomit takes over or find myself doing that deed. ICK

  3. Awwww….I sure hope Mister B feels better soon! I’m sorry to hear about your night!
    Love Karen

  4. Hope he felt better after getting it all out. Bleck.

    *puts another reason NOT to have children on my list* :P

  5. Oh the joys of parenting. At least you didn’t have a ralph party. I still get a gag reflex when someone else tosses the cookies.

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