Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!

February 5, 2006

I swear there’s a conspiracy against me. And sometimes I don’t even have to be there, for the conspiracy to take place. Let me explain.

How many times have I told stories about fucked up cashiers and weird McDonald’s/KFC/Any other fast food crap establishments employees? Alot. Well even when I’m not at said restaurants personally, shit happens.

My husband and oldest son are having lunch at McDonald’s, or Rotten Ronnie’s as I so affectionately nicknamed it. They’re sitting at a table, eating, minding their own business and they see an employee is cleaning the empty tables with her little squirt bottle of toxins and a cloth.

This employee appears to be in her late 40′s or perhaps 50-ish. So she’s hardly a child. As they’re biting into their Big Give You Clogged Arteries Macs, she finishes up the table she is cleaning and walks their way. As she approaches their table, she stops, holds up her spray bottle and proceeds to make odd, fake shooting noises at them…..I can’t even fucking spell the sound she was making.

My husband and son look at her like she’s retarded, which no offense to retarded people, who in fact probably have way more smarts than this dimwit did. She fake “shoots” them about 6 or 7 times (all the while making her weird gun utterances) and then walks away. She makes no attempt to say, hey just kidding, says abso-fucking-lutely nothing, nor does she crack a smile. They look at each other and burst into laughter, wondering what kind of fucking fucked up fucknut she was. Apparently a big one.

Oh how I wish I was there for that performance. I would have screamed, saying that my eyes were burning and ask why oh why did she shoot me in the face with her stinging cleaner? Hey I might have gotten a free meal out of it. Muahahhaahhahahahaha.

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2 Responses to “WTF?”

  1. Murphy’s Law!

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