Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Gawd.  TGIF.

February 10, 2006

It’s 11:53 pm and that means it’s almost Friday. By the time I post this, it could be after 12, so yay.

Let’s see, how did my day go? Well, okay I guess, kinda boring but really, how exciting can housework be? Oh wait now, I did also bathe. That was mildly exciting.

Oh I forgot. I got a phone call today from Marnie. Marnie sells lawn care products. That’s really great Marnie, but it’s February. In Calgary. Albeit, we have no snow sweetie, but it’s still February. Lawn care is the farthest thing from my mind (Like it’s ever really on my mind).

She continues on despite my protest that I’m really not interested in lawn care. We have a lawn, we mow it in late spring and all through the summer and into the fall. I sometimes plant some flowers. But beyond that, lawn care bores me. So move on Marnie. I’m not falling for your gimmicks.

But Marnie is persistant, like blow flies on a pile of shit (she’s the shit, not me mmmkay?) and she keeps rambling on and on. My lawn will thank me she says! Thank me? My lawn is going to thank me? Really? Like how? Take me to dinner? Buy me those funky high heels I want from the mall? Give me an orgasm? ‘Cause I’m tellin’ ya Marnie, unless my lawn is going to really thank me, shut your freakin’ cake hole about the ‘products’ that will change my life. Sure. The only thing I’m interesting in “tending to” is my own personal lawn (wink wink) if you get my drift.

You need to hang it up Marnie. Like now.

Happy Friday everyone. The weekend is here.

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5 Responses to “Gawd. TGIF.”

  1. I would dare say I would find showering with you quite tintilizing…

  2. THe next time Marnie calls (and she will) tell her you have a couch to sell. Keep cutting her off and get back to the couch. Break in and describe the couch. Soon she’sll tell you she doesn’t want the couch. Tell her you don’t want the lawn care either so your even. Then hang up. Trust me . It can even make those calls almost enjoyable. Of course you don’t have to sell a couch. You can oiffer a hundred knives, or a genuine crusader sword, or use your imagination.
    I get so manycalls from people like her that I had to come up with something.

  3. And that’s another week poor Marnie can’t eat ;)

  4. I had people at my door today wanting to save my soul. I didn’t answer. I let the dogs bark at him. LOL Then we got a phone call that asked if anyone in our household used a computer for work…I lied and told them no, we’re retired. Heh. I hate phone people pretty bad, but people who ring my bell piss me off even more. RAWR!

  5. They try to sell lawn stuff in february? WTF? lol that’s like trying to sell snow stuff in the humidity of summer.

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