Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I Just Can’t Stop Laughing.

February 11, 2006

I am sure we all love a heartwarming ‘dog rescues child’ story, I do. But when someone says that “their cat is an inspiration”, I draw the line. And laugh uncontrollably.

I was reading a post today at a ‘mom’ group about this chick who took her overweight cat to the vet. She’s soooo proud of him, he’s her ‘inspiration’.

Her cat, who apparently used to weigh in at 20+ lbs, is now 12 or 13 lbs. I’m happy for her and her pussy, I really am. But to say that her cat is an inspiration in it’s quest to lose weight, is well, just ridiculous. The cat didn’t go to Jenny Craig. It didn’t sign up for Curves. It wasn’t eating from the Weight Watchers menu. It was being fed ‘diet’ cat food. That’s it. So I’m sure if any of us were eating diet cat food, we’d lose weight too. Big fucking deal. Her cat didn’t run a 25K marathon. It didn’t have gastric bypass surgery, work out 3 hours a day and eat a low carb diet and can now fit into a size 6. It’s a cat. It ate the special cat food, licked itself, chased mice and slept for 20 hours a day.

And she went on to tell us, that her older cat is her ‘football star’. Football star (kinda at a loss for words on this one….cats play football? Huh?)? Oh and he had his nails clipped too. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ooops, sorry, I dozed off there for a sec.

I will keep you updated if her pussy does anything else of interest, such as running for office or dying.

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9 Responses to “I Just Can’t Stop Laughing.”

  1. You are a freak. Period.

  2. Hey, my cat barfed about half his body weight on the carpet this morning and didn’t miss a step, just kept going about his business without a complaint. How can that not be inspiring? Such stoicism! Such willpower!

  3. she sounds like she’s definitely the reason the term ‘crazy cat lady’ exists!

  4. These are the type of people who put sweaters on their animals. My cat though is insperational. No crap. I want to be my cat. That sone of a bitch knows how to not be stressed at all. that and he has the whole household wrapped around his finger (well paw, whatever). He has more pesonality than I do (not saying much). He eats at every house in the neighborhood and lives like royalty. He is my hero. Did I mention that I am f*%&ing pathetic?

  5. you know… I get inspired by a pussy too ;-) ummmm shelly rees TMI thank you very much. hahaha

  6. I have two cats that I love dearly. However, if they were fat and happy I would let them eat to their hearts’ content. And if I came home one day and they were exploded all over my walls because of how much they ate, at least I would know they died happy.

  7. You would totally change your outlook on pussies once you’ve met mine!!! LOL


  8. Nice “boobs” HNT please post more and more ……

  9. hahaha nicole, I know some pussies can be nasty, not first hand mind you, but your pussy sounds like it could be scary. ;-)

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