Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Oh Goodie.

February 11, 2006

My BF Karen (that’s best friend, not boyfriend, just for clarification) got a wonderful email yesterday about making her ‘dicck’ bigger*. Anyway, I was kinda jealous that she got such a nice email on how to make her dicck bigger by 2″ by LOW friends. How lucky is she? I was feeling kind of blue actually, until I got this today! Look:

Amanda Pacheco sent me a lovely email and it says……..
Make Yours Lar-ger With HTML

Oh my gawd! I can have a lar-ger……ummm……well…….something, not sure what, but I can have it larger with HTML!!!!! How fucking cool is that? Wait…..holy, I just realized….I want bigger boobs and now I can have them with HTML! I think I’m gonna cry. There is a God afterall.

*Karen doesn’t actually have a ‘dicck’. She’s a girl. A really cute girl.

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One Response to “Oh Goodie.”

  1. and you don’t need bigger boobs either. ;-) Now on the other hand… can you send that to me please… I could stand another couple inches myself. =P

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