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I Must Be Insane.

February 14, 2006

Today was “Friendship Day” at my daughter’s school. Valentine’s Day for us old timers.

Let me just tell ya, volunteering in a class of forty-four (2 classes combined for today) 5 year old’s is fun. With a capitol F. You just never know what you might hear.

One girl told me she loved my nails. Another girl said I had nice hair. As nice as her Barbie’s hair. How sweet. Another told me that she has smelly hands. I’m not sure why, nor did I ask. Oh and she blew on me and asked me to smell her breath. Yum. One of the boys told me in a breathless, excited voice, that he loves candy, all kinds of candy and he eats 3345 candy’s a day. Mmmmkay.

Another boy said that he loves peppers, red peppers, pink peppers, orange peppers, yellow peppers, all the peppers of the rainbow. He loves peppers. Ya, I get it. One boy, with the cutest darn eyes I’ve ever seen, said he has a cat and a puppy and he’s allergic to cats and dogs but not to his cat or dog because he knows them really well. Ah-chooooo.

One boy said ‘poop’ and ‘poo’ at least 56 times and his classmate, kept right at him and said, “you’re swearing” over and over. All in all, the kids were pretty well behaved with the exception of a few. My daughter loved seeing mommy in her class. Let’s all sigh now…….’awwwwwwww’.

Volunteering today made me realize one important thing though. I would never want to be a kindergarten teacher. Like totally never. Neva. Eva. So let’s give a big round of applause to all the kindergarten teachers of the world. **Clap clap clap**

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7 Responses to “I Must Be Insane.”

  1. Friendship Day? What, is Valentine’s Day taboo now too?

    mmmm, pink peppers… ;D

  2. Ya that’s what I wondered too! Gawd, how dare we call it Valentine’s Day anymore….

  3. Jiminy Christmas. That made me tired just reading it.

    *puts one more reason on list to not have children* :D

  4. I don’t know how teachers do it. I don’t know how teachers with elementary-aged students do it and then go home to their young kids!

    My daughter’s class has cooking every Thursday where one of the parents comes in and “cooks”. I did that ONCE. The kids were cute and like you, some weren’t as well-behaved as others like the kid who wiped his snotty nose with the heal of his hand and that tried to grab for the food. Good thing I have quick reflexes!

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  6. LOL you should try 25 4 yr olds! I volunteered in Nathaniels class lmao, only a handful turned 5 already…..I was ready for bed after 2 and half hours lmao

  7. The last time I volunteered for anything like that was when I was still a senior in high school (back when we rode dinosaurs to school). I was a chaperone-counselor for nine and ten year olds at Camp Crystal for several days. Yes, that is the same Camp Crystal where the “Friday the 13” movies were based. The kids weren’t scared of Jason, though. They were all on about the moss lady. Go figure. It was scary in the evenings. Why? Because I felt like Dick Cheney’s press secretary; but I was getting hammered with questions about sex. The little ragamuffins were relentless. I still have nightmares. I was so unprepared. When I was 10 I was no where near thinking about sex. I couldn’t even have imagined kissing a girl. One kid even got sent home for bringing liquor. What’s really scary is that was many years ago. Cable didn’t even exist around here then (like I said, dinosaurs). I couldn’t imagine how they would be today.

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