Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I Love Technology.

February 16, 2006

Isn’t technology great? I mean really. Look at the wonderful email that Alberta Carter sent me today. Don’t ask me who the fuck she is, but I’m happy nonetheless.

Subject line: Sex in public (and who doesn’t love sex in public?)


dishwater colony thermos while Gregory licks his pussy while you watch fishy.

**Scratches head**

Alberta sweetie, if you’re gonna email me, how ’bout it makes FUCKING SENSE? That’d be great.

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6 Responses to “I Love Technology.”

  1. I have nothing to add here, but this post cracked me up. Out loud. Thanks. Alberta is always doing crap like this, isn’t she?

  2. i’m still back trying to figure out the Gregory licks his pussy thing. Either it’s a transgender thing or Gregory gonna end up with a hairball


    btw: i like watching fishy!

  3. silly Alberta….


    I get these all the time too…

    I hate spam, but at least when they’re trying to sell something, I UNDERSTAND the point of sending it.

    But when it’s just gibberish, why are people wasting their time?


  4. I guess they were licking some dirty pussy that poisoned their minds. rofl

  5. So, there is something about this thermos for the “dishwasher colony” (I need to find that place as I’m looking to buy a dishwasher). I has something to do with Gregory and his cat cleaning style. And your watching…hugh?
    There is something “fishy” going on here.

  6. Excellent, love it!
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