Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!

February 21, 2006

Have you ever been stalked? I can tell you, it’s a bit creepy. It really makes you question the person’s sanity. Really.

Not to say, I’m sure we’ve all been a bit obssessive at times in our lives but usually once a person gets a certain age, like say, over age TWELVE, it ends. Or one would hope.

I know I’m all that and a bag of potato chips (**insert sarcasm here**) but come on, it has to end at some point. Like if you want me to send a picture of myself so you can admire me all day, then just ask. Sheesh. I’m easy to get a long with. Or if you want a collection of my writings, then hey, drop me an email. Honestly, no need to lurk at my blog and elsewhere to spy on me. Let’s all spell C.R.E.E.P.Y. together now shall we?

I’m sure my faithful readers who just abso-freakin’-lutely adore me (and you all know who you are), are scratching their pretty (or handsome) heads, wondering what the fuck is she talking about? Well let’s just say, a couple of non bloggers are a tad interested, so it seems, it what I’m doing. I have no clue why, since they apparently hate me and everything I do and love gossiping about me. It’s time to get over me and stop stalking me and my blog and my email and my MSN group. Get a day job or something. Get a hobby. Or better yet, get a life.

So for all of you who frequent my blog and post your wonderful comments to me (hey even the fucking spammers are nicer to me than my stalkers and at least leave their name and a nice ‘love your blog’, won’t you buy some toilet cleaner from me), I thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy, I do appreciate my little group of blogging buddies who truly like me. For the couple of non bloggers, please, stop coming to my blog. It’s weird. It’s over. Move the fuck on.

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11 Responses to “Stalkers.”

  1. Ya no kidding. Like there’s what FOUR people now because one person who hates you decided to befriend the other two bitches who she HATED previously, plus there’s the one who can’t think for herself? She never had anything nice to say about these two and now she’s frigging buddy-buddy with them? WHATEVER!

    Hi, my name is Laura and I never left high school. Won’t you join me in my crusade to CREEP nice people out?

    Oh you forgot to mention all the stuff she STOLE from you – all your designs!

    Newsflash to Laura’s newest friends: SHE HATED YOU BEFORE. HATED! Now, she is USING YOU! You all deserve each other!

  2. A hex or a curse, you name it. I have dark associations from my past, I’m not talkin palm readers or wikkas here. I’m talking true practitioners of dark power. I no longer practice myslef but I’ve never burned those bridges. So if you would like a little dark art persuasion…

  3. Whoa! I didn’t know you were so sought after by the creepy ones.

    I have a blog and I think I’m fairly normal and I like your blog.

    In case you were thinking of banning my IP. I’m not crazy, promise.

  4. No Jennifer it’s just a couple of trolls from the non blogging world…so no worries. Ozy…you mean like voodoo? Insert evil laugh here. ;)

  5. lurkers creep the crap out of me…

    I have my share of them too.

    I feel like, ‘if you like me, comment, and if you don’t? don’t stalking me!’

  6. I think this is too common in every corner of the blogworld (didn’t know there were corners, did you?). Unfortunately, they’re the ones who just don’t get “it”. Whatever “it” is…

  7. i have a blog and i love reading your blog, but i don’t always have time to leave comments, so don’t think i am one of those creepy stalkers! i just get a laugh out of your stories.

  8. No b, it’s not anyone that any of my blog readers would know hun, it’s just a couple of ex friends. They’ll know who they are. Keep reading! :)

  9. Yes, Sassy has creeps out there that want to be just like her. They have to steal her ideas, concepts and graphics cause they don’t have the mentality to figure out their own, they have to stalk “our” MSN group, cause they don’t have anything else to do in their day except be 42 yrs old, going on 12.

    This one individual inparticular Laura, just can’t seem to get through her thick fucking skull that life does NOT revolve around her. She can’t seem to accept that Sassy is a genuine, compassionate, honest person, which is TOTALLY opposite of Sassy. She can’t get over the fact that WE has MOVED on without her backstabbing, using, fucked up ways.

    Sassy you keep blogging away. You have many friends that care and love you for you…..we don’t want to BE like you, we want to HAVE REAL friendship with you because there is only ONE you! (thank gawd!) ;)

    You know I love ya!


  10. oops….LOL..let me rephrase what I wrote above…!

    She can’t seem to accept that Sassy is a genuine, compassionate, honest person, which is LAURA IS TOTALLY opposite of Sassy.

    There..do I make myself clear??!!


  11. I’m on my sixth personal blog and sixth URL because of local stalkers…. and just was told of another creepy Helter Skelter type following my every move. And he’s truly psychotic. But I have no desire other than to tell the world of my village who he is….the fuckmook.

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