Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Fly Fly Away.

March 2, 2006

OMG. In 5 hours I will be on a plane to see my BF Karen. Seven am. It’s now 2:04am. And since I’m typing, that means what? I’m awake people, I’m awake. Wide, wide awake. Why am I awake? Well, this is where my ‘freakishness’ takes form.

I’m so paranoid that my alarm will fail and not wake me up. Or I will be having such an awesome sex dream that I won’t hear my alarm if it does goes off. Or Sasquatch will come into my room and knock me out and drag me out into the deep, dark woods and then dammit, I will miss my flight. So many things could go wrong, so I figure the best way to avoid any unfortunate situations, is to, of course, stay awake all night. So here I sit. And wait.

I’ve painted my toes a pretty dark red, put on my toerings, packed, watched Jay Leno (watching Conan now), gave myself a facial, gave a……nevermind, that’s private………washed some clothes, cleaned my fridge, brushed my teeth, put on dangly earrings and drank some water. At 3am, I will take a nice hot bath, moisturize, brush my teeth again, get dressed, fix my hair, put on makeup, double, triple, obsessively check to make sure my ticket is in my purse, kiss my sleeping kids and wake my husband up at 5:30 to take me to the airport.

Well, I should go check my ticket again. I’ve only seen it 43 times in my purse, but can’t be too careful. Muahahahhaahha.

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9 Responses to “Fly Fly Away.”

  1. You’re so neurotic and weird. Can’t wait to see you!!!!!

  2. Yea, that sasquatch thing keeps me up all of the time, too. I mean, it only happed to me once but now it’s all I think about. The big brute. He never even sent me flowers and does he ever call? NO! I wonder if he ever thinks about me…

  3. 1) damn, girl, are you on speed?

    2) can I have some? :)

  4. I have the pleasure of seeing this crazyass girl soon too! I’m going to spend the weekend with her and Karen!

    I can’t wait.


  5. Dang…. you’re as neurotic as the best of ‘em. Hope you had your ticket AND ID when you got to the airport.

  6. And the fookery begins…..I’m so jealous.lol

  7. I’m always paranoid that my alarms wont go off. I set three (every morning) and I still can’t sleep if I have a big day…..just in case they all three fail.

    Yeah. I know.

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