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Drinks. Moxies and Matt.

March 5, 2006

I don’t drink. Well I drink, but not anything with alcohol in it. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not need anything else to whack me out.

So Nicole and Karen and I go to Moxies…a fabulous restaurant, you should totally go if you ever get the chance. They’re in different cities across Canada. Very nice atmosphere and really great food, oh and Matt.

We had the best waiter, like ever. He loved us. Well at least in our minds he did. He probably thought we were ditzy (more so me), giddy, a little retarded and most likely hoping if we got sloshed enough, we’d tip big.

We waited about 45 mins for our table, so we spent that time at the lounge/bar area. I had water………best damn water ever I tell ya. Karen had a ‘blue seafoam, looks like window washer’ type martini and Nicole had an ‘incontienance slayer’ martini, no wait, it was an ‘incompetant slapper’, wait, I don’t know, something like that. Anyway, they looked potent. And they were. Especially after like 23. Each. By the time we had gotten to our table, they were slurring, drooling and possibly peeing in their pants. Thank gawd I brought wipes.

We meet our waiter and immediately fall in love with him. Not in a sexual way (although I’m not 100% sure about Nicole.) especially since he wasn’t much older than my oldest boy (he was totally legal people, I want to make that clear *wink*) but more in a ‘we love you because you are serving us in a way that we’ve never been served before’ kinda way.

We ordered appetizers, I asked for a virgin and the drinkers asked for more double sling shot, gonna put me under the table martini’s. Oh….virgin as in non booze drink. Sheesh.

We ate like we were on death row and the switch was being flipped tomorrow. It was soooooo good. Good as in we really should have brought some elastic pants with us in our fabulous handbags. I’m pretty sure they will need to wheel us out later.

Just after we finished our meal, Karen looks at me and asks me for the time. It was 8:46pm. Nicole and Karen look at each other and jump off their stools and tell me to wait at the table, that they’ll be right back. Ummm where the fuck are you going? They were going to walk over to the licquor store. It closes at nine so they have to get a rush on it. They leave and a few mins later, Matt comes over and looks at the 2 empty chairs and kinda gives me a look. I said the 2 nutjobs went to the licquor store. He looked puzzled, like I was clearly lying to him. I assured him I was serious. Serious like a fat kid love cake. They come stumbling, sauntering back in and gently place their bags of bottles next to me. Sure, make me look like the boozer.

We sat and laughed, laughed again and laughed some more. The manager came over and called us a cab and chatted with us a bit while we waited for our drive. I think we made a huge impression on him (more like made asses of ourselves and he was praying we’d leave) and he thanked us for coming. He was very friendly to us, when in fact, I’m pretty sure he had grounds to have us arrested for disturbing the dining experience of the other patrons. We had a really good time.

Nicole picked up the tab (thank you again Nic!!!) and Karen and I took care of the tip. We hugged Matt, gave him our blog links, Nicole gave him her email address and I’m quite certain he burned the napkin after we left and ran screaming for his life.

It was one of the funnest evenings I’ve had in a long time. And yes, we had to be wheeled out and lifted into the cab. Then Nicole grilled the cabbie about his knobs, buttons, computer gear, earwax….something….I can’t really remember…on the way home. He sure earned his pay that night lemme tell ya. In fact so did Matt.

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8 Responses to “Drinks. Moxies and Matt.”

  1. LMAO! Was I really there? What a freaking hoot! I LOVED my dinner and time spent with the girls. Karen and I sure have patented the “Martini Mama’s” trademark.

    As for picking up the tab, after like ummmm…how many declined credit cards, I finally managed to pull one out that worked!! (Thanks to my hubby!) (Love ya!) LOL You are very welcome Sassy..you girls Aare worth every penny that my husband has to pay for.

    Matt was the best! Cute, sexy, and way to young for me..but hey, he could eat crackers in my bed anytime! LMAO! What a great sport he was. I’m sure the red pepper with the big black spot was the attraction I wheeled him in with!!! ;)

    That night will be one dinner I will never forget. Thank you to Sassy and Karen for being awesome friends. They should be so proud of themselves!

    Love ya!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time…and that’s always a plus!

  3. Damn! Sounds like a rocking good time! I think I’m due for one of those soon. Just gotta get back in touch with some of my friends. :P

  4. Woooooweeeee…. Sounds like you girls had an awesome time (wenches) rofl.. Wish I was there with ya all…

  5. Dang … that sure sounds like fun. I bet he’s gotten a lot of phone numbers, but blog links? He may have been a virgin to that one …

  6. Dang girls I sure wish that I was there for some of that action. ROFLMAO!!

  7. ROFLMFAO!!!! Wish I was there!!!

  8. *giggle* *snort*
    Hahahahahaaaaaaa how I wish I was there! OMFG Nicole & Karen sound like me on my finer nights
    and Matt~ freakin hell, I could just imagine his reaction since I used to waitress to drunken men after ballgames LOL thats a friggin riot Sassy girl seriously!!
    Now, when we go out in Calgary this summer- *umm* expect times with me to be just like that.. just kicked up a notch cause I’m single and in my 20′s so Matt would have been in serious trouble with me around rofl!!
    K, I’m to sick 2 be laughin this hard!! I need 2 go lie down.
    Luv u girls like a crazy! and so jealous that I wasn’t there!!

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