Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Lord Help Me.

March 10, 2006

Maddy: Mom, how do you know who has their privates shaved and who doesn’t?
Me: **Choke cough cough cough**
Maddy: Mom?
Me: Ummm. **Silence**
Maddy: I’m waaaaaaaiting.
Me: Well. I, ummmm, well, see it’s, well, I, ah, I should really go buy some stamps.
Maddy: Are you going to answer my question? Like today?
Me: You know, I think maybe you should ask your dad.
Maddy: But daddy is a boy. Do boys shave their fur too?
Me: Sure.
Maddy: Well how will I know?
Me: Well, seriously, there’s really no need for you to know. You’re five. Plus, you should really only be worrying about your own, ummmm, fur.
Maddy: Can I have a popsicle?
Me: You can have like 8.
Maddy: Okay. Sweet!
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9 Responses to “Lord Help Me.”

  1. LOL! Does she take after her mum or pop? :P

  2. Did you ever figure out where she heard about it?!

  3. Wow, how did a five year old find out about fur?

  4. dang … maybe she’s just figured out that’s how you’ll give her unlimited sugar. Just imagine what you’d give her if she started asking you about K-Y … haha .. :-)

    Smart kid!

  5. You could try and get Isaac Mizrahi to come by your house. He seems to have no trouble asking is someone has shaved their fur or not.

  6. Good Lawd girlfriend! What has she been watching? ROFL!

  7. Good Lawd girlfriend! What has she been watching? ROFL!

  8. **wipes coffee spray from monitor**

    glad its your daughter who asked that & not one of mine…
    *runs & hides*

  9. hahaha oh my…. that is to funny and I’m sure she was saying it with a straight face. Lucky you!

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