Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Pardon Me?

March 12, 2006

My son and I went out to get some fast food…….went to Harvey’s, my favorite burger joint.

We get there and I ask for a cheeseburger. The cashier asks me if I just want the ‘booger’. Ummmm the booger? No, I’m not into snot. Not one little bit. Just give me the burger and a pop and I’m good to go.

So she rings up our order, I pay and then we wait for our food to be cooked. When the burgers are done, she places them on the wrappers and asks us what we want on our ‘boogers’. Shut up. Stop trying to make me conjure up visions of nose mucus. I’m nearly vomitting at this point. She asks me if I want ‘peckles’ on my booger. Jesus. You know what? Just give me the burgers and I’ll dress them myself.

Note to self: Punch retardo cashiers in the face Sweetly lecture cashiers the next time they suck and can’t speak properly.

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8 Responses to “Pardon Me?”

  1. Sounds like she may have had an accent lol. That must have been a lovely mental image just before lunch eh haha, enjoy your boogers!

  2. Peckles – boogers- mouse tard – whatever …

  3. Yummy!!!…huh?….lol

  4. Honey you just gave me a new reason for sticking to my diet.lol

  5. Was her tongue pierced? That might explain her bad speech. Of course, if her nose was pierced, that might explain the booger…

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