Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!

March 15, 2006

So it’s Hump day. Yawn. Wednesday’s are so boring. At least for me they are.

This is how boring it’s going to be…I’m going to clean my basement. How frickin’ exciting is that? I wonder what goodies await me down there? I have 3 teenagers living down there. Be afraid for me people, very afraid.

Have you ever walked into a teen’s room and wondered, what the hell is that smell? No? Well, it’s happened to me a few times. I guess it’s ‘teenager’ scent. That’s all I can figure out. It’s not exactly putrid but certainly not pleasant. *Shudder*

I am going to arm myself with heavy duty, ‘can’t possibly break this motherfucker’, type garbage bags, stainless steel head to toe cleaning gear and pink rubber gloves. It’s going to be dangerous and not one bit of fun. Not even a teeny tiny bit of fun. And that just blows.

Maybe I’ll find some change lying around. That will be about the only thing I’ll have to look forward to. Finding some dimes and/or quarters. Whoppee. I should get a freakin’ award or something. An honorable mention even. Something. But I’m betting nooone will even notice how shiny and sparkly the downstairs will be. Noone will probably even notice my passed out body laying on the floor from sheer terror at the shit I’m going to find. Well not shit literally (oh my gawd can you imagine?) but teenager crap. Their papers, old socks, more paper, dishes, unrecognizable items that were once able to be identified but now have morphed into something frightening, you know, crap like that. I’m skeered. My heart is racing now just thinking about it. Help me Lord.

Okay, it’s time to don the ‘you look like a freak in that’ cleaning outfit, pull up my gloves and get out my gasmask. Please wish me luck people. I’m so going to need it.

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4 Responses to “Whatever.”

  1. I may have opted to hire this job out…just to save you the angst….lol

  2. You know you can get biohazard suits real cheap on ebay

  3. If you look hard enough you may find something you wish you hadn’t! ;-) Oz… do they make French Maid biohazard suits? =P

  4. i am sean, hear me roar.

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