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St. Patty Day Chatter.

March 17, 2006

Oh so it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Why do I not get a ‘day’? I’d like to know. Oh well, I don’t care that much. Kiss my clover.

Thank God it’s Friday is all I can say. This week has been long, mostly boring and pretty uneventful really. I’m so bored with myself, I might even fall asleep with myself.

I am going to a movie tonight though. My oldest son, his girlfriend and I are going to see The Hills Have Eyes. It’s scary, gory and probably going to make my skin crawl, but I love it. My 18 year old refuses to see it with us or anyone else. He’s all up in arms because, in his mind, it’s making fun of retarded/deformed/misshapen people who were born with certain afflictions because of some nuclear war or something to that nature. I wasn’t really paying attention all that much. *I’m a good mom, I swear*. Anyway, I told him, ummmm, it’s a movie about pyscho killers who just happen to be deformed/inbred. It’s a movie. It’s not real. But he’s all politically correct and shit and makes me laugh when he tells me stuff like that. My kids are weird sometimes, but that’s what I love. It’s like they’re taking after me. Awwww. I will go to a chick flick or comedy with Matt next week, just to be fair. I like those too.

I have ‘Miss I can talk your ear off all day long’, home with me today. No kindergarten classes today for some reason. She’s already spoken 1,234,764 words to me so far this morning and it’s not even 10:00am. I need a nap. She never stops yapping. She even talks to herself while playing computer games or Nintendo. She’s actually having a conversation right now with Luigi from Mario Bros. Nintendo game. I bet he’s rolling his eyes and trying to get Mario’s attention to take him away because his ears are bleeding from all the chatter from the non stop talking 5 year old. Be strong Luigi.

Hey did I mention that on Wednesday night, I was talking to Karen on the phone, like we normally do for 46 hours each day (please do not email me to tell me that there are only 24 hours in a day, I swear I know that, but I’m just trying to emphasize that we speak ALOT on the phone, so ya) and she feel asleep on me? No, I didn’t tell ya? Well she did. We were watching Survivor and I’m making comments and usually she responds to them. She might only say, ‘shut your cakehole’ or ‘are you still talking?’ or something to that effect, but alas, she said nothing. Zip. So I was all like, “…are you still awake? Hello? Ummmm, did you fall and can’t get up? Okay, well then, I’m hanging up and shit yo’…” and still nothing. So then I knew for sure that she had indeed, fallen asleep on my ass. Well not on my ass, that’s just an expression. We don’t do lesbian. I’m just sayin’. We like each other an’ all but not that much. Sheesh.

Oh……..Maddy just told Luigi off. Poor guy. Now she’s talking to Mario. Run Mario!!!!!! Run for the hills!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I really must go eat because I’m abso-freakin-lutely starving. Happy St. Patty Day to all. Cheers.

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3 Responses to “St. Patty Day Chatter.”

  1. you crack me up girl!
    i had to come back and read this again later this afternoon just for the laugh!

  2. OMG you are too funny hunnY!

  3. HAHA that does sound loke Karen!

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