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Okay, Now I’m Crying…..

March 18, 2006

……..not sad tears but happy ones.

I went out to the movies with Sean and Amanda and it was late when we got home….about 12:25am……anyway, I was puttering around, getting ready for bed and saw something laying on my kitchen counter. It’s a red scrapbooking book, filled with paper. Paper that is pink, paper with hearts, paper that says ‘sassy’,paper with glitter, paper with Hello Kitty…..and a 3d sticker inside that is a monkey sitting on a ball that says ‘party animal’.

It’s from Matt, my 18 year old. All of it. He and I were talking before I left for the movie and I was showing him the scrapbook pages I had done at Penny’s last week. I told him that I didn’t have a new book yet, the kind that holds the bigger sized paper. I was planning on buying one next week when I get paid. He wrote me a note in the first page of the book, which by the way, is staying and this is what he wrote……

“You seemed really excited about your scrapbooking for this size, soooo I bought you this (I think you might like it). I also got you this sticker (the monkey one), I saw it and thought of you. (He’s totally making fun of me because I’m so not a party animal…that kid cracks me up!). On top of that I got you paper. I looked for leopard print, but could not find any. Oh well, what can you do? (I honestly don’t know why I got you the Hello Kitty one, but you’ll find a good one for it). Anyways, Love ya, Matt.

PS. I was going to get you a calligraphy pen, but then I would have to teach you how to do it and….that’s not a good idea”. Little smartass isn’t he? Hmmm, wonder where he gets that from????

Can I just say, I’m the luckiest mom around?

Also, earlier tonight, my oldest son Sean, asked me to go get a tattoo with him in the next few weeks. He wants us to get Chinese symbols that say “Mother and Son”.

How much love can one mother handle in one day? Oh wait…..I can handle alot, so bring it. Gosh darn it, my kids are sometimes so wonderful it amazes me.

So my hat, well I’m not actually wearing one, but let’s continue on anyway…so my hat goes off to my 2 oldest boys for being so sweet to me today. It’s certainly a wonderful way to end the day and head off into dreamland. Sweet dreams.

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10 Responses to “Okay, Now I’m Crying…..”

  1. Awww honey that is totally awsome. I’m shedding a few happy tears for you myself. That was soo sweet

  2. WOW That was really sweet of them both!You do have some really great kids Sassy.

  3. the tattoo thing? that is really incredibly sweet!

  4. Aww you are the luckiest Mom! How sweet. That is totally a reflection on how you raised them!

  5. You are such a lucky lady! To have “teenagers” that are so thoughtful. Some people struggle so much with teens. I’m sure you’ve had your issues, but Sassy, this shows how much they love you, and proves that you are such an awesome mom.

    Treasure the these moments….we all need this type of reassurance once in awhile.

    Great job on raising your children. I hope and pray mine become great men like yours.

    Love ya

  6. Aww that’s very sweet of them both!

  7. I kinda stumbled upon your blog but I had to comment… Beautiful, just beautiful. You are a lucky woman!

  8. Aww! That’s totally cool…you raised a good one there! :)

  9. I found you through Karen. And I just have to say, I see your picture so there has to be some inside joke that I’m not getting about you having kids that age… How can that be? Regardless, I think it’s the sweetest story ever and am crossing my fingers (hard) that my boys turn out so great.

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