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Anyone Miss Me???

March 28, 2006

Well, can I just say I’ve had the week from hell? Yes, yes I have.

It all started on Friday. We went to Walmart so Ryan could buy something with his gift card from my mother. Fabulous. He chose a computer game. A Spongebob game. Can I just tell ya that I’m not liking SpongebobMotherFucker right now?

We get home and my son asks me to install the game for him. No problem. I’ve installed games plenty of times. I put the disk in and it’s on it’s way. It gets to 53% and then stops. My computer freezes up. Not to worry, I’ll just reboot and start again. Except when I reboot, nothing happens, and when I say nothing happens, I mean nothing. Zip. Black screen. So I do the F8 thing and try to reset the registry. Nope. That doesn’t work either. By this time I’ve pulled out about 1,200,564 hairs from my head. For the next few days, I try everything I can possibly think of to fix my computer, except throw it out the window, which I was very close to doing.

Let’s move on to Sunday evening. I start to develop a migraine. Great. Let’s add that to my computer troubles and not to mention the fact, that I’m now also experiencing computer withdrawal. Ever have that happen to you? It ain’t pretty lemme tell ya. One person’s crack is another person’s computer fetish. My crack is my computer. Fo’ shizzle.

I go to bed Sunday night, crossing my fingers, that when I wake up Monday morning, I will be migraine free and my computer will fixed all on it’s own. Ummm, well that didn’t happen. Not a chance. Instead, I woke up with the flu from hell. I also pulled my chest muscles from wretching so violently and it feels like my ribcage was smashed with a baseball bat. Oh and I still have my migraine and my computer is still fucked. Not exactly the scenerio that I was hoping for. Monday’s suck.

I laid around all day Monday, moaning, feverish, delirous and chilled to the bone. My computer didn’t fix itself either. Fucker. I wanted Monday to be over in a big way. Finally at midnight I fell asleep, hoping for a better Tuesday.

And here we are. Tuesday. And guess what? My delirium is over, well for the most part anyway. And I fixed my computer…I had to go to my last resort when I couldn’t get Win98 to repair…I installed WinXP and was devestated because I had lost all of my pictures and graphics and documents. I was all boo hoo-ing and crying in my Cornflakes and shit and then, while searching for something, I found all of my stuff! Can you imagine that? I was just about to have a pity party for myself and then all of a sudden I’m on cloud nine.

So I’m back in business and ready to rock n’ roll. Or whatever. I’m back. I was going crazy not being online and now that I’ve got my crack computer back, I’m in heaven.

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5 Responses to “Anyone Miss Me???”

  1. You forgot the part where you talked to ME for EIGHT STRAIGHT HOURS TODAY. I know I didn’t help, but I loved you, in spite of your whining. THE. WHOLE. TIME.

  2. Great to see you back!

  3. Glad that you’re back on the crack…er…I mean computer. Two words for ya – back up. Been there, done that, lost it all. What a pisser.

  4. It’s good to have you back hun! I was without my daily blog fix hun….you know i’m addicted.lol

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