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No, Really?

April 1, 2006

I’m thinking I should be slightly worried. Maybe. I know I’ve mentioned this before and maybe I seem like I’m obsessing about it but I get quite a few hits from people who are googling about poo.

Someone again googled ‘I’m pooping in my panties’. Personally, I think that’s gross. I’m just sayin’. Why would you poop in your panties? Sure, if you’re like 3 and you have an accident because your dad is in the bathroom shaving and you can’t get the door open in time, maybe I can see that. But if you’re 3, you’re most likely not googling online that you’re pooping in your panties. Does one sit while they’re pooing in their panties and googling about it? That’s gross too.

Obviously the people who are actually having a shit party in their pants, should be a tad more concerned than I, who, is fretting that people are getting to my blog because they’ve googled about crap. I know I’ve mentioned some poop stories, so therefore, it’s likely that at some point, these shit in your pants type people, will find me. I get that. But still.

And again, someone googled, ‘public bathroom pooping’. Is there really information out there about that? I mean a couple of my stories did involve public bathrooms and poo but it was innocent banter from my little one while in the bathroom. It’s not like I was in the public bathroom putting on a poo show for people. That’d be gross. Super gross. Like who would do that? What are these shit googlers looking for? Shit-equette? If they’re looking for photos, well move it along people, because there will be no shit pics here. Not a one. I’m not saying there couldn’t be shitty pictures but that would be just the picture quality, not actual shit pictures, just so we’re clear here.

Oh and I know what you’re thinking. Here she is again talking about the people googling poo and she’s now blogged again about poop and said, poo, pooping, crap and shit like a million times in this one post, so now more people are going to find her blog when they have their little shit fantasies and start searching for it. I know, I know. But I can’t help myself. It’s like a bag of chocolate chip cookies good wholesome apples that I can’t just leave alone. I must have it. And thus, I must talk about the poo people who google about poo and end up at my blog because I’ve mentioned shit somewhere in my post. It’s a sickness. A vicious poo circle that I can’t control. The more people google about ‘pooing in their pants’, the more I laugh and therefore, the more I must tell you all about it. So, I will be keeping you informed of any and all googled poop searches. Mmmmkay?

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6 Responses to “No, Really?”

  1. omg tyhats kinda….ummmm yucky!! LOL Some people are just sick, eh?

    THanks for stopping by. and I went to WIndsor, Canada because it’s just across the border from Detroit. I am originally from New Brunswick :) I have never been to west Canada. :(

  2. There are some weird poop fetishes out there… ROFL….

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