Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
It’s 2006 people.

April 20, 2006


Hi is this Tim Hortons?


Is this 226-****

Yes it is but it’s not Tim Hortons.

I looked it up and that’s what it says in the phone book.

Ah huh. And I bet you’re looking in a phone book from 1999. My number used to belong to Tim Hortons. However, we are now in 2006, and guess what? There are new phone books to reflect any changes that may have occurred in the last 7 YEARS.

I don’t think business places change their phone numbers.

Ummm well a miracle has been bestowed upon us and Tim Hortons did change their phone number. I’m hanging up now. And if you call back, it will still NOT be Tim Hortons.

But, I…………

Insert joyful sound of me hanging up on moron stuck in 1999.

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10 Responses to “It’s 2006 people.”

  1. but can I still get 2 boston creams and a double-double?

  2. The other day the same person called 3 times asking for someone who does not nor never had lived in my house. It wasn’t just that the number was wrong but they knew the address. Seriously, we had a conversation about it the first time they called. They looked up the number by the address and I explained to them that I grew up across the street and knew the family that had owned the house for like 60 years and the person they were looking for does not, nor did not live there. I guess I don’t sound honost as, like I said, they called back twice.
    Smoke some more crack budy.

  3. I can’t decide if I’m all smiles from the story of Tim Horton… the trip to Mcd’s or the HNT pics in between… I think I’ll go with the later. ;-) yummy!

  4. So….Tim Horton’s changed their phone number? Do you have donuts at your house? Can I just come there and get one instead of going to the donut shop?

  5. Well you know I get the same calls for a drugstore. The best was an old guy who yelled at me for not being the drugstore. It told everything in me not to tell the old fossil to fuck right off.

  6. Ha ha ha… that’s a great story. (But sorry, probably very annoying for you.)

  7. If I call, can I still get a coffee?
    I’m getting the same kind of calls at work where they have reassigned the numbers and I get calls for someone who hasn’t been there for over a year – guess he doesn’t keep in touch.

  8. omg!

    Gotta love that…

    When we lived in vernon our # was only one digit off of a hotel number so we’d get people calling and say
    “May I speak to Room # blah blah, and I’d say thank you one moment please…” and hang up on them. lol, I loved it when they called back kinda pissed that I just hung up on them and then the “oooohhh” that follows when they realized they called a resi #
    (said like Napoleon) “Idiots!”

  9. jesus, people are idiots. YES, businesses change phone numbers. I used to get calls for FedEx for YEARS. 6 years to be exact before I finally got rid of my home phone altogether!!

  10. LOL! An elevator-repair company used to have our number. Unfortunately, they didn’t change it “inside” some of their elevators.

    Once in awhile, we’d get calls from drunken folks stuck in an elevator in a casino at 2am. Over and over again…

    Great blog!

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