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April 23, 2006

Someone googled, ‘fatty pants slapper’. Yeeehaaaaaaw. Now that sounds like some fun.

Someone else googled ‘sexy tigers’. I think tigers are majestic looking for sure. But sexy? Nope. Don’t see it.

This one is priceless: ‘How to make meatloaf’. Okay people, if you want to know how to make meatloaf, this is definately the wrong place to get information. I’ve made it once in my life and we all know how that worked out. The thing that cracks me up, is my blog was # 1 out of 269,000 links. What the hell is google thinking?

Ummmm this one is just plain creepy: “mom fucking my best friend’. Your mom needs some serious therapy. Now I do too. And the post that they got directed to from my blog? The one down below about me finding dog poo in my son’s grocery bag. What the hell? How is that related to some mom getting her jollies from being a freak? Not sure.

This one: ‘my 10 year old daughter wears high heels’. Well, that’s better than your 10 year old son who wears high heels. Count yourself lucky.

An oldie but a goodie, ‘pooping in your panties’. That is so 2005.

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4 Responses to “Whatever floats yer boat to get to my blog.”

  1. too much time on their hands or something lmao….go figure google

  2. all I have to do now is figure out how to check my stats…I can’t find the option on the site I do my blog through…hmmmm.
    I found yours a normal way…through blog explosion…see it worked…sort of :)

  3. when will people learn how to use google correctly? if you want to know how to make meatloaf, you search for “meatloaf recipe”, not “how to make meatloaf”…dolts. lol

  4. ROFL…today I got “boob shaped building”

    I mean WTF? Seriously…

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