Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!

April 24, 2006

This weeks theme at Mama Says Om is ‘Wild‘. So why not post a picture of ‘wild’ life? What a cute bear huh? And the guy ain’t half bad either.

My husband was a taxidermist for many years and back in 2002 and he had mounted this bear for a customer. We decided to put it out on our front lawn and see if anyone would stop. Well stop they did. Many people drove by, obviously took a double take and backed up. Some people got out of their cars, pointing excitedly, while others got out their cameras to take snapshots of the bear in our front yard. Our kids thought it was the funniest thing to see all these vehicles stopping and people freaking out over the bear standing out in the open. Such tricksters we are!

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6 Responses to “Wild.”

  1. Yea, I get that reaction when I stand naked by the road too. My kids, though, arent’t so amused.

  2. OMG nice Ozy. LOL!

  3. LOL

  4. LOL that is hilarious! I didnt read the post right away so I thought that was a rea live bear. DUH!! lol I thought your hubby looked too calm to be standing beside a bear….lol

  5. lol! that is very cool. I’d be terrified of someone stealing it out of my yard though. that would be a prank just waiting to happen! damn kids!

  6. LMAO…

    love the pic and the story to go with.

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