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April 25, 2006

Okay so I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back. As you can see I made some changes on my blog…new graphics! Can you give me a ‘woo hoo’? Anyhoooo, I’m using the same template that Karen gave me and she gave me the tile for the background, then I ran with the rest! I also do premade skins if you’re interested and you can click the banner above to take you to the link. I’ll have more samples as time goes on. Karen also does kick ass work of course, so maybe you’ll want one of her skins instead. My skin, Karen’s skin, whatever floats your boat.

I realize that I like pink and maybe you don’t. Perhaps you think someone threw up pink puke on my blog (although it’s more of a deep rose than pink). Do I care? Not at all. But I do hope you won’t hold that against me and come back and let me entertain you. I’m a showoff, so I need the attention. Oh I like Cheesewhiz, just FYI.

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10 Responses to “I kinda rock. Sorta.”

  1. Welcome to the Troll Baby Graphics Team BABY! It’s about time, you talented, showing off, bizatch!

  2. OMG! It’s LOVELY!!! Love the roses, love the color…you do *indeed* rock…totally.

  3. I dig the color myself. Nice look.

  4. Awww well thank you! *Blush blush blush*

  5. Love it and your pictures awesome babe

  6. Wow Sassy, I love the new design! The picture is awesome, and the roses are pretty :) Congrats, I heard Karen only accepts the best – thats why she wickedly laughed at me and said no way in hell when I asked if I could be on the team, haha.

  7. it look PURDY here…. :)

  8. Looks awesome Sassy!!

  9. You DO rock. Screwing around with templates can be a TOTAL PAIN. So yay you :)

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