Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!

April 26, 2006

Okay so this isn’t very sexy or alluring. I spent most of my day holding my head because I am suffering from a kick ass migraine…and by ‘kick ass’, I mean it’s kicking my ass big time. I’m wishing when I wake up tomorrow it will be gone. One can hope for a small miracle. Happy HNT.

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24 Responses to “HNT….Pain.”

  1. You may have been in pain, but have you ANY idea how much I want to kiss you? Hope you’re feeling better, Sassy.

    Happy HNT x

  2. Sassy, I wish I looked that good in pain. Sending a big hug for you. Hope the head’s feeling better.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  3. Sending you good vibes my dear and stay away from those exitotoxins.

  4. Awh, I hope you feel better.

  5. A very quiet Happy HNT to you!


  6. Happy HNT – I hope your headache gets better soon. My husband gets migranes all the time. I feel for ya :)

  7. Awwww sweetie…feel better soon…

    In the meantime, take comfort in knowing how FUCKING AWESOME (oops sorry, didn’t mean to shout) your lips look…

    You’re gorgeous dear!

  8. Ouch! Hope you felt better today. :-(

  9. Bummer, I know how that feels…HHNT :)

  10. Hope you feel better soon…

  11. Get well soon. HHNT!

  12. I think it’s a beautiful picture!

  13. They say that the endorphins released into your brain from sex are great curers of headaches. They aren’t right very often, but in this case they are. They have helped cure many a migraine for me. Love your lips in this shot BTW.

  14. “Hey!! Hey SASSYYY!!! U HOME??”

    ..Clomps noisely thru, wearing tap shoes..


    ..reads post..
    “Oh shit. Headache.. right. HOT PIC BTW! I’ll just see myself out”

    >>>I’m a dork… tty on sat! & get better soon
    btw nice pucker hotlips!! ;)

  15. oh, and pay one of your kids a quarter to rub your feet hun.
    So many nerve endings in the feet, it might help to release the headache tension.
    I should buy you some lavender tea. It really helps with my migraines. If you get some lavender essential oils and place a few drops in a bath or even just rub them into your temples where the pressure is, it should help.

    Get well soon!

  16. I hope you are feeling now, you are still beautiful, even when you are in pain

  17. Pretty even in pain. And your blog is very loverly!

  18. you really look quite peaceful in this shot. I love the lips. Get better soon and HHNT!!

  19. No… I think that it’s a beautiful picture of you…. Sorry about the headache, though. I’ve had migraines on occasion in the past; they’re downright debilitating.

  20. Sorry you’re feeling bad. Hope you’re better soon. HHNT!

  21. Feel better sooner.


  22. Happier HNTs

  23. Feel better soon! :)

  24. I feel your pain! I have had migraines for a long time and from the looks of your picture in spite of the migraine you tried to go about your day with make-up and fixing your hair even. What a trooper! Hope you are feeling better today.

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